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11 Things No Designer Has Ever Said

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
11 Things No Designer Has Ever Said

Nope. Never. Not once. Pigs might be soaring through the clouds the day we hear a designer turning away new fonts or professing love for Internet Explorer. We thought we’d hop on the #SaidNoOneEver bandwagon and compile this list of things we bet have never slipped through a designer’s lips.












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  1. tknoedler

    "To design your logo, I don't really need you to tell me anything about your company, I'll just guess!"

  2. muli

    I definitely prefer a Word document over a scan of printed page with hand written corrections in it. Especially when it´s for an annual report of a financial company...

  3. tknoedler

    "You don't have the product name nailed down yet? That's ok, I can create a logo without it!" (This really happened to me. When I tried to explain how that was not possible, I was told I was difficult to work with.)

  4. uhl

    "Edited, designed and 250 delivered from the printer in 4 days...Sure!" ...this was before I had even received the wording-UGH!!

  5. liz.romain

    I love copywriting and it's been my dream since I was a wee one to merge the two. But other than that, spot on.

  6. beelissa

    I can't drink coffee, and I will write content (for a fee), but the rest of these are good. I had to spend half an hour once on the phone convincing a client that she wasn't going to come to my home and sit and watch me design her website (my worst nightmare, someone watching me work). I have a client who does everything in Word and I can't stand it. And of course, you can never have too many fonts!

  7. htcom

    I don't drink coffee either. But tea, Redbull, any other caffeine, I'm there.

  8. eossipov

    OMG, I laughed so hard! @Tina Knoedler hahaha!! That has happened to me before also. ( product not defined ) "Oh, I thought we could figure that out while 'we' are designing the website"

    My attorney gave me a list one time: 'items to watch out for when having a discussion' with clients key items that should give a person pause on accepting a job, or an offer or selling anything really. I should find that, it was a great list, saved me lots of headache in the earlier part of this century.

  9. smuuggrl

    I love the no content one. Seriously I do not understand why they think we would blog for them too.

  10. RobJacobson

    Here's nine more for an even twenty:

    “we should make your logo bigger” - said no designer ever

    “as long as the color comes close to matching” - said no designer ever

    "comic sans rules” - said no designer ever

    "I’ll lay this out in Powerpoint” - said no designer ever

    "I’ll send you the original files so you can play with it on your own” - said no designer ever

    “templates are great” - said no designer ever

    “I’d prefer to use stock photography” - said no designer ever

    “no, whatever your wife thinks is best” - said no designer ever

    “that’s more than enough time” - said no designer ever

  11. DebLizDesign

    Love it!!! Just love it!!!! ;D ... On the same path of Word Docs, I just finished a beautiful brochure design using PS, AI, & ID ... but she'd "prefer it if I'd deliver the print-ready-document in "Publisher"!!!


  12. jpage1111

    What's even worse is when the client has an "in house designer" who sends over their design files in Publisher or Powerpoint...

  13. alethia.rains

    How about this: Design our logo but we won't give you any feedback and our marketing person won't talk to you.


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