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11 Things No Designer Has Ever Said

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Nope. Never. Not once. Pigs might be soaring through the clouds the day we hear a designer turning away new fonts or professing love for Internet Explorer. We thought we’d hop on the #SaidNoOneEver bandwagon and compile this list of things we bet have never slipped through a designer’s lips.


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  • Lol. I say number 8 each time I download new fonts! 6 years ago
  • Fonts and mockups galore. 6 years ago
  • "To design your logo, I don't really need you to tell me anything about your company, I'll just guess!" 6 years ago
  • I definitely prefer a Word document over a scan of printed page with hand written corrections in it. Especially when it´s for an annual report of a financial company... 6 years ago
  • "You don't have the product name nailed down yet? That's ok, I can create a logo without it!" (This really happened to me. When I tried to explain how that was not possible, I was told I was difficult to work with.) 6 years ago
  • i can't get enough of mock-ups and business cards .. 6 years ago
  • I actually said number 2 to a few times to clients I trust. Number 10 almost killed me haha 6 years ago
  • Anonymous
    "Edited, designed and 250 delivered from the printer in 4 days...Sure!" ...this was before I had even received the wording-UGH!! 6 years ago
  • I think it should say "Send the logo in a word doc". I definitely want the content in Word. 6 years ago
  • I love copywriting and it's been my dream since I was a wee one to merge the two. But other than that, spot on. 6 years ago
  • This is so true! and I always need more fonts. 6 years ago
  • I can't drink coffee, and I will write content (for a fee), but the rest of these are good. I had to spend half an hour once on the phone convincing a client that she wasn't going to come to my home and sit and watch me design her website (my worst nightmare, someone watching me work). I have a client who does everything in Word and I can't stand it. And of course, you can never have too many fonts! 6 years ago
  • Gosh I thought I was the ONLY one who ever said anything about those doggone word docs! 6 years ago
  • Some of us just don't like coffee, you know? 6 years ago
  • You made our day. We now have it as wall paper and hope the clients see it. 6 years ago
  • I don't drink coffee either. But tea, Redbull, any other caffeine, I'm there. 6 years ago
  • "I prefer a pc" 6 years ago
  • OMG, I laughed so hard! @Tina Knoedler hahaha!! That has happened to me before also. ( product not defined ) "Oh, I thought we could figure that out while 'we' are designing the website" My attorney gave me a list one time: 'items to watch out for when having a discussion' with clients key items that should give a person pause on accepting a job, or an offer or selling anything really. I should find that, it was a great list, saved me lots of headache in the earlier part of this century. 6 years ago
  • I love the no content one. Seriously I do not understand why they think we would blog for them too. 6 years ago
  • "I have no idea what I want. Can't you just come up with something?" 6 years ago
  • ... and this one: "-Don't worry, a simple logo takes just 15 minutes" 6 years ago
  • hahahahhaha so true :D 6 years ago
  • Here's nine more for an even twenty: “we should make your logo bigger” - said no designer ever “as long as the color comes close to matching” - said no designer ever "comic sans rules” - said no designer ever "I’ll lay this out in Powerpoint” - said no designer ever "I’ll send you the original files so you can play with it on your own” - said no designer ever “templates are great” - said no designer ever “I’d prefer to use stock photography” - said no designer ever “no, whatever your wife thinks is best” - said no designer ever “that’s more than enough time” - said no designer ever 6 years ago
  • @Rob Jacobson YES! We'll def go for a second version of these. :) Thanks for the suggestions, Rob! 6 years ago
  • Love it!!! Just love it!!!! ;D ... On the same path of Word Docs, I just finished a beautiful brochure design using PS, AI, & ID ... but she'd "prefer it if I'd deliver the print-ready-document in "Publisher"!!! face-freaking-palm!! 6 years ago
  • what font is that tho?? 6 years ago
  • Pretty much. Yeah. 6 years ago
  • Cool I don't need coffee but I need beer 6 years ago
  • What's even worse is when the client has an "in house designer" who sends over their design files in Publisher or Powerpoint... 6 years ago
  • How about this: Design our logo but we won't give you any feedback and our marketing person won't talk to you. 6 years ago
  • Anonymous
    LoL The last one! :D 6 years ago
  • "A .bmp will be great, send it over!" 6 years ago
  • If it ain't coffee, it's Dr. Pepper for sure! 5 years ago
  • WOW! Agreed! you simply never say this! awesome post! 4 years ago