12 Creative Badges for Branding and Logos

By on May 2, 2016 in Community, Design Trends, Inspiration
12 Creative Badges for Branding and Logos

As of late, there has been a re-emergence of big and bold badges used in branding design and company logos. In fact, Logo Lounge recently reported that the use of badges incredibly trendy for 2013. We're definitely digging this trend, and it's a simple yet stylish way of conveying your message and identity.

Logo Trend 2013: Badges

Here are some examples of badges used for branding, presented by Logo Lounge in their round up of logo trends for 2013.

13-badgesPin It

In addition, Spoon Graphics compiled an useful post highlighting companies following the badge design trend. Check out some of their picks below:

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Badges & Emblems for Design

Does using a badge or insignia style design appeal to your taste? Here are some beautiful and creative badges and insignia designs that you can use and customize for your branding and design needs.

Retro Banners and Badges

filecreativemarket3-fPin It

These retro badges and banners from Pelican Graphics are a lot of fun! Not only can you use them for your company's branding, but also on invitations, greeting cards, and in your design projects to highlight or focus on important information.

Floral Badges

preview_small-fPin It

These hand-drawn floral badges from Frisk Shop are a lot of fun and add an element of delicacy and will add a touch of 'home-made' to your company and designs.

Flat Badges

flat_badges_preview1-fPin It

Absolutely in love with the modern design trend 'flat'? These flat badges from Media Loot are perfect to help you highlight your company or important information without overpowering your site or project. Simple, beautiful, and elegant.

Vintage Circular Badges

vintage-circular-badges-vector-pack-001-preview-fPin It

Give your designs some of that vintage flare with these vintage-style circular badges from Design Panoply.

Natural and Organic Badges

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Does your company offer goods and services related to healthcare or the organic industry? Make your announcements more creative and eco-friendly with these natural & organic badges from Rohit Creations.

Woods Vintage Badges

woods-badges-fPin It

These fun and funky woods badges from Ember Stock will take you back to the days of being a scout. If you want to add that retro feel to your company, these are just the thing you've been missing.

Modern Web Badges

preview-2-fPin It

Are you looking for some fully scalable badges to help you highlight important offers and information about your company online? These modern web badges from Rohit Creations are perfect for showcases discounts or creating calls to action on your site.

Black and White Badges

badges_collection-fPin It

These fun black and white badges from Serkorkin are perfect for adding that grey-scale touch to your project.

Art Deco Badges

art-deco-badges-01-fPin It

In love with the roaring 1920s and Gatsby style? These art deco badges will add a touch of elegance and luxury to your company's logo or website.

Badges Photoshop Brushes

brushes-example3-fPin It

Looking for badges for your company that are easy to fill and re-color? If so, this set of badges come in the form of a Photoshop brush and will help suit your needs perfectly.

Floral Badges

flutter-preview-fPin It

Does your company need a subtle and elegant touch? Try using this set of badges and ornaments from Mels Brushes. The soft colors are simple and sweet, making them perfect for anything related to bath and body, women's products, or anything sweet!

Shield Badge

previewfront-fPin It

If you really want to go bright and bold, these ornamental shield badges from Pelican Graphics will make your company stand out elegantly.

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  1. A career of badges is staggering, that's true. There are a lot of badges examples on the marketplaces and logo showcase websites but we have huge amount of possibilities, so we can see more and more.

    Some interesting examples here, 'Woods Vintage Badges' is my fav. Thank you for including our 'Floral Badges'!

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