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15 Lies Clients Tell Their Designers

Creative Market April 9, 2024 · 1 min read

We all tell little white lies from time to time, right? Or maybe some half-truths that don’t really communicate the full picture? Recently, I picked on designers with a funny post about the lies we tell our clients. Today, I’m flipping it around and calling out some of the most common lies clients tell designers. If you see a lie that a client has told you, Pin, Tweet, or otherwise share it out. If you don’t see one that you relate to, write a new one and share it out on social media with the hashtag #clientLies. Lies-ClientsSay-1 Lies-ClientsSay-2 Lies-ClientsSay-3 Lies-ClientsSay-4-fixed Lies-ClientsSay-5 Lies-ClientsSay-6 Lies-ClientsSay-7 Lies-ClientsSay-8 Lies-ClientsSay-9 Lies-ClientsSay-10 Lies-ClientsSay-11 Lies-ClientsSay-12 Lies-ClientsSay-13 Lies-ClientsSay-14 Lies-ClientsSay-15

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