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20 Creative Logo Designs for 2013

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
20 Creative Logo Designs for 2013

Having a unique and creative logo is one of the best and easiest ways to establish a brand identity. It is the key element that helps people recognize and fall in love with your brand. Whether it's your business card, the homepage of your website, or your brick and mortar business, one of the first things people will notice is the logo. It's an essential piece that sells them on what your business is all about at a single glance. Your logo is a simple statement of who you are and what you stand for, and if it's clever enough, you'll have people lining up to purchase merchandise featuring that ingenious logo of yours!

A logo that conveys the identity of your company simply can help you make a great first impression and help you establish brand loyalty. While there is no magic formula for creating the perfect logo, a creative and unique logo is definitely the way to go if you want to make a lasting impression. Today, we are bringing you some creative logo designs for your inspiration. In addition, we've included some that are available for purchase here on Creative Market if you're looking to get started with a colorful and creative logo today.

Illusion Studio by Adrian Knopik


This logo is absolutely magical, and definitely holds true to the name of the company "Illusion Studio," because the logo is actually an illusion. This is an extremely creative logo, and the designer did an excellent job of integrating the company's focus into the graphic itself.

Green Secure by dk Creative

main_1-fSaveGreen Secure is an excellent logo example of using negative space to create the a full and complete image. The "S" is perfectly hidden within the green circular image, creating a crisp shape using the white background. If you are looking for a logo design to start using today, Green Secure is available now on Creative Market.

IPA by Romain Carrere


Abstract, colorful, and creative, this logo is certainly a unique offering for a research laboratory.

Firelight by WattsCreative

firelight-logo-preview-1-fSave Firelight is a creative logo that is ready for purchase here on Creative Market. All you have to do is download this unique logo and customize it with you're business's name and you're ready to go!

Cool Marks by George Bokhua

b22f5c391ffb759b15cc4aaea5e2b63aSaveEverything is in the cloud these days, and this logo is perfect for any tech savvy company that incorporates anything cloud related.

Ginger & Jagger by This is Pacifica

ec92accca85492f275c5fad14025b40bSaveThis is probably one of the best logos I've seen around, and I can't exactly describe why this design is so appealing to me. I'm in love with the geometric shapes incorporated into the logo and the colors. I simply can't get enough of this gorgeous design.

Studio 88 by Jørgen Grotdal


What I love about this logo design is it's simplicity. It's a design that I just want to stare at constantly because it's so unique and the lines are so enticing. It's a great way to combine the name of the company "Studio88" into an image.

Swirl Direct by Kit Creative Logo

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.43.25 AMSaveI'm a huge fan of this logo because it's a creative way to use the letter "S" for any business on the go, if you're going in a certain direction or leading the way this logo is perfect for your business. Love it? If so, you're in luck because it's available to download on Creative Market so you can start using it right away.

Bike v Design by Mash Creative

ae71a304e657fcfbc33ee788ba5e9518SaveThis twist on a graphic image of a bike is outstanding. I love the creative architecture this designer put into this logo creation. It's absolutely stunning and I'm definitely in love with the trendy neon orange used in this design.

Wishmaker by Design Spot


I find wishmaker to be extremely appealing because of the use of colors and interesting geometric shapes used to form a "W". It's a great logo that's ready to be used immediately and available now for download on Creative Market.

Fresh by Sean McCabe

fresh-logo-dribbbleSaveThis logo literally looks fresh and clean and is perfect for any business that caters goods related to the natural world.

33Color by Sergey Melnikov

20f7938a2847c68fb7741adc357e91c6SaveI love how this design integrates the "33" from the company's name as well as a heart into the logo. This is a great blend of using numbers and images to convey a love for their business.

Guitar by Xstortionist


Loving this logo so much for creatives in the music industry. It's a super clever combination of a guitar and guitar pick. The best thing is, it's available for download on Creative Market right now, so you can start using it to jazz up your business right away.

Krohn by Commando Group and Eivind Molvær

ef832e942115ac033e251dacff53c9a8SaveI love the simplicity of this logo design. It's so unique and cool and the shiny gold embellishments really make it pop out into your personal space.

Charitable Filmaking by Michael Spitz

charitable_filmaking_3SaveThis logo is the prefect combination of something sweet mixed with an iconic image from the film industry. I just love how love is incorporated into the logo, and it's done in such a clever way that two images are combined to form one unique logo.

Sheet by Todik


This logo is another great example of how to elegantly combine a letter with a shape. I love that the "S" here has been transformed to look like a leaf. It's so elegant and gorgeous, and now available on Creative Market for use right away.

Nature by George Bokhua

natureSaveThis theme is gorgeous and the perfect incorporation of the elements into the natural world.

Dog Bone by

2_2SaveThis logo is the perfect combination of a dog's face combined with a bone (the perfect treat for a puppy). This is a great combination of a business (selling dog food or treats) with the market (dog).

Dental Implants by Sean Farrell

ouchSaveLove how this logo combines the object that a dentist uses with a tool a dentist uses to get the job done outlined in the white space. This is so cute and clever, I love it!

Burger Hot Spot by Mike Bruner

burger_hot_spotsSaveLogos that point you to a specific location or use a map icon are definitely trending right now. This logo is ingenious in it's combination of a map icon and the company's business (burgers).

Hopefully one or two of those great logos sparked a bit of inspiration for your own designs. What are some of your favorite logos you've come across? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. creativenauts

    wow, such a nice collection of logos to choose from. Thanks for including my Guitar Pick logo! My favorite part is when you say "jazzy up your business right away" - that is cracking me up! Love it! Thanks Maryam!

  2. wattscreative

    A great collection of creative logos showcasing a wide range of styles and uses. I'm very flattered to see my 'firelight logo' included, and there'll be more to come. Thanks.

  3. Papiya

    I think your are a skilled designer you prove that. Your logo designs collection are really great !!

  4. supermanjit

    Love these! Looking at these logo, I feel like starting companies that represent that business ;-))

  5. bmorris123

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful logo design.
    It's a great collection for choosing a logo design for you business or company.
    It prove that you are professional logo designer.

  6. anthony.matthews

    2- Loved your post! The examples that you have used are very appealing. I agree with your point that a logo is something which lingers in a consumers mind even if he does not remember the name. I came across such appealing logos designs at https://plus.google.com/+Craftive . Guitar by Xstortionist is one of my favorites too.

  7. christinagarciagr

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    logo Desiners http://www.dubaimonsters.com/

  8. campbell.joef

    Great collection of business logo designs. I am also getting one via Designhill
    I browsed through the internet and checked out comparison sites where many graphic companies were mentioned like 99designs, Designhill, Designcrowd et al.
    I chose Designhill as they are giving logo design at $99 with special offers too.

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