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20 More Signs You Might be a Designer

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 5 min read

You’re a designer, right? Maybe there’s some question about whether or not you actually fit the qualifications. I mean, you could have a degree from a prestigious school that says you’re capable of doing design work, but is that what actually makes you a designer?
In case you missed it the first time, we put together 20 Signs You Might be a Designer earlier this year, so that you could conveniently quiz yourself and answer the question on your own. But we soon realized that wasn’t enough. You need more ways to figure out whether or not you fit the extensive criteria required to call yourself one authentically. So here it is; take your time and answer the questions thoroughly, then make sure to hand your Scantrons to the teacher at the front of the class when you’re done.

i immediately regret this decision

1. You choose experiences based on font choices

I don’t care who it is, or where, but if the place you want to go to uses a crappy font (or fonts), you’re done. Forget that noise.

2. Going to visit monuments and museums is a whole different experience

That’s how they laid out their map? They decided to use what font? Wait — I somehow paid for this? That’s it, I’m writing my congressperson.
pinterest secrets

3. You have a Pinterest account, and it’s crazy packed (with secret pins)

Yeah, we know, we do it too. Secret Pinterest posts are a great way to keep track of designs you love without letting the rest of the world know your plans for future domination.
mind blown

4. Your pen and pencil collection is ridiculous

You have, like, all the colors.
how gorgeous

5. You see things regularly that make you wish you had designed them

Designer envy is a very real thing, people. I know I’ve felt it, and I’m sure you have, too.

6. Looking for the right font is like trying to find Carmen Sandiego

Is it here? No, let’s try Google. No? OK, let’s ask my buddy, they’ve always got options. Oh wait, I should try Creative Market, they have a bazillion fonts, right?
why do bad things happen to good people

7. Watching children’s television gives you a headache

Look, I understand that kids need different stimuli than adults, but man, between the color choices, poor fonts and generally poor design, it’s hard to get through any episode without bashing your head into a wall.

8. T-shirt designs can bring elation and anger

When I see a well-designed T-shirt out on the street, I want to give the wearer a big hug and thank them for supporting an artist with such amazing taste. But when it goes the other way …
computer crash

8. You’ve lost hours pushing pixels because your software and/or computer crashed

Always remember: Ctrl/Command-S is your friend.
stink of failure

9. You’ve designed things you never thought you would

You start off by designing something because it’s quick money, and the next thing you know, it’s a weird project that you want nothing to do with. And then you find yourself rocking in a fetal position in your tub, wondering how you got that weird yellow hue.
i'm so excited

10. Brand redesigns get you ramped up

Oooh … Brand X just changed their logo? How can I skewer/praise them publicly for all the world to see? My opinion must be heard!
beyonce favorite color

11. You have a favorite Pantone color. Oh, who are we kidding. You have 12

It’s so hard to choose your favorite when there are so many on the list, right?
watching a movie

12. There’s a video playing in the background while you design

I have Netflix going on an iPad to my left right now.
i know what things are

13. You have an encyclopedic knowledge of logos and their history

Oh, you mean Facebook made a minor tweak to their wordmark on that date? Yeah, not only did I know that, but I have a folder on my computer with their design assets from that moment and every other one they’ve ever made.
murder wall

14. The inside of your sketchbook looks like the murder wall from CSI

Some people call them “organized notes,” but when it comes to your sketchbook, things are a little bit more … random. And maybe you’d like it if someone took a look, or maybe not, but either way, things can get a bit messy in there.
yoda anger leads to hate

15. Examples of improper kerning and stretched fonts make you want to punch a kitten

I mean, who would make such a poor decision? Rookies? Sadistic jerks? MONSTERS? Whoever they are, they deserve to go to a very bad place for what they’ve done.
nope not doing that

16. Someone asks you to design a logo using a JPEG as a basis literally every day

Or their suggestions are in a Word document. Or a link to a free font that no longer exists. Or a design that some douche canoe of a designer made before that has dropped links and a bunch of other garbage. You know the drill.
work for free

17. You’re constantly asked to work for free, and if you don’t, your rates are always too high

Sure, you may work at a desk pushing pixels all day long, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to work for nothing. Plus, it’s not like they would work for free, right? Jerks.

18. You’ve gone to the Apple store to get something you could’ve gotten at Best Buy, but it gave you an excuse to window shop new hardware

You could replace “Apple” with “Microsoft” if you’re a Windows person, but let’s be honest, their stores are like abandoned towns with ghosts that wear branded T-shirts.
this is the best

19. Your Instagram feed is amazing

From stellar photographers to artists and illustrators galore, your feed is a cornucopia of pictures and beauty. Admire it from afar, haters, because it is glorious.
star wars toys snl

20. Your office is filled with “inspiration”

Don’t judge me.

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