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25 Beautiful Responsive WordPress Themes

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 5 min read

Having a high quality and engaging website is essential for a business today, but it’s not enough to have cool graphics, a unique logo or gripping content. You must have a responsive design that makes viewing the site easy, fun and enjoyable acorss all platforms. Responsive web design does just that. With its simple navigational features, easy reading style and minimal resizing, panning and scrolling, responsive design is the only choice for businesses focused on both the present and the future.
Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for a great responsive design. Check out these 25 beautiful responsive themes for WordPress, and discover how lovely responsive can be.

1. Level

Level uses plenty of negative space for optimal appeal. It also has a customizable color scheme and social media icons. Easy to use and read, it appeals to a vast audience.

2. Leviathan

Leviathan is visually rich, perfect for fashion and photography, or any other artistic websites that require stunning colors. There are also drop down menus, 8 preset styles and load transitions.

3. Leon

Leon offers a wealth of goodies for new responsive design owners, including portfolio layouts, customizable options aplenty and blogging capability writers will love.

4. Serigraphic

Serigraphic is bright, calming and lovely in every sense. The layout draws attention to the products and photos being showcased, without overwhelming graphics or complicated options. Modern and search engine optimized, it’s great for many users.

5. Side Folio

Side Folio is a creative responsive web design ideal for artistic types. The format is clean and minimalist, with options for sliders, a variety of customization options and unlimited domain usage.

6. Minim2l

Fans of minimalism will adore Minim2l. It’s as simple as it gets, and it provides only the basics for those who want to cut to the chase and not fuss around with widgets and drop down menus.

7. Dental Health

Dental Health, like its name implies, is very specific to the health industry. But medical professionals starting a site will appreciate its tailored layout, which includes a sidebar, clean design and footer.

8. Recovery

Recovery is a great blog starting option. It’s simple, incredibly inexpensive and has several customization options that newbies will love. It also includes essential social media support.

9. Parallax

Parallax is a clean responsive design ideal for the creative or design agencies. Minimalist, with a motion slider and extra mobile friendly design, it’s made for users on the go.

10. DW Fixel

DW Fixel will deliver clients fast and enthusiastically. Best for personal resume websites, blogs or portfolios, the theme is sleek and enjoyable to use while beautifully displaying information in unique ways.

11. Large Slider

Another great option for portfolios, the Large Slider theme is beautiful and interactive, revealing much with less with its modern design. It’s also search engine optimized.

12. Mini Portfolio

It’s not just companies that need websites, pretty much every individual needs one too. The Mini Portfolio design promises to give employment hunters a foot in the door with its clean theme.

13. Heron

Heron offers the perfect platform for multi-author blogging. Retina-display ready and fully scalable, this feature-rich option is attractive for many reasons and for many users.

14. Grid

With a touch of vintage style, Grid cashes in on the latest trends without delving too far into faddishness. Perfect for creative, it’s clean and minimal, but still with plenty of tricks up its sleeve as a premium theme.

15. Sprocket

Arguably the best looking journaling theme out there, Sprocket offers minimalist deisgn to highlight the content rather than the widget, logos or photos. It’s beautfiful without being stark, and has some tempting customization options.

16. Keba

Forget three dimensions, flat is in. The Keba website design is flat, responsive and simple. No muss, no fuss. Perfect for blogs, design companies and more, the theme offers a fantastic way to showcase team members and introduce them to the public.

17. Fashion and Mag

Nobody reads print anymore, so the Fashion and Mag theme makes it easy for periodicals and magazines to post stories, images and more to a website for readers on the go.

18. Illustration

Drawers, artists and illustrators need a place to display their artwork, and Illustration was built just for them. Compatible in every way and optimized for search engines, it’s now very simple to get your work out and visible to the discerning world.

19. Slide Media

The scroll motion slider at Slide Media is gorgeous, and it works for just about any purpose. Portfolios, products or blogs, this theme offers lots of customization options for photos, headers, footers and, of course, sliders.

20. Design Agency

Design Agency is another great choice for creative of all stripes. It has selections for videos, sliders and backgrounds, as well as menus capability.

21. Tieme

Tieme is all about the best of everything. That means retina-display ready icons, seven color themes and Google font options. It’s ideal for timelines, blogging and myriad other uses that rely on clean design.

22. Blackdown

Blackdown is simple, but offers robust customization options. Galleries, a beautiful dark color theme and easy-to-use sidebars make it a joy to use, especially for creative types.

23. Gray Lady Gray

Gray Lady Gray is for the monochromatic lovers in the world. It places the focus on the products and content over flashy designs or bright pictures. Plus it has a serene and lovely look and oodles of custom choices.

24. Designer Magazine

Infinite scroll is a charming inclusion for Designer Magazine, a theme that seems to have an endless collection of details, including videos, menus capability and search engine optimization.

25. Careful

Fully loaded is right, Careful’s features include grid layout, six template themes and mouse hover effects, among many more. Requires Genesis framework.
With so many stunning options for responsive designs that suit individuals, companies and creative types, there’s simply no excuse for not having a responsive web theme. Make sure your clients, customers and readers can find you wherever they go with these mobile friendly and gorgeous WordPress themes.

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