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4 Tips to Creating an Incredible UX

Maryam Taheri March 26, 2024 · 5 min read

In today’s digital age, the Internet is inundated. There are hundreds of every kind of site — from e-commerce stores, to blogs, to gaming sites — and so much more. So how do you make your page stand out and attract more visitors than the rest?
One important way to draw people to your business’ website is optimizing your User Experience (or UX, for short). UX takes into account the usability of the site — how easy it is to use and navigate, its level of aesthetic pleasantness, and how well it does its job. To optimize the UX of a site, a designer takes lots of things into account — such as human psychology and the varied forms of mobile technology these days — in order to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable experience on the site, and, in turn, continue to visit it (and, obviously do more business with your company).
Are you new to doing business on the web or planning to launch a new site and want to make sure that it offers the best UX possible? Check out the 4 tips below; they are key factors to keep in mind when creating your site to ensure that it offers the visitor best experience possible.

1. Track Visitor Data

One of the most important factors in optimizing UX is knowing who the users are. Most people launch a site with a good idea of who is going to be using it, but it is essential to use an analytics program to figure out who is visiting your site after it goes live. Many business or website owners end up being surprised at who is actually using their site (and when they are using it). So, in order to make sure your business survives, it is essential to tailor it to the people it is actually attracting. Keeping track of visitor data allows you to make changes to the site once it has been launched to make sure its UX continues to be optimized and up-to-date. If you need to present your analytics to your designers or business partners to help decide on changes that need to be made to the site, Creative Market offers several templates that allow you to present visitor data very clearly and attractively.

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Some analytics tools to check out:

Want to learn more about the importance of analytics? Check out these articles:

2.Don’t Forget Information Design (or Aesthetic Design.)


There are two branches of UX: Aesthetic Design, which is the overall visual appearance of the site, and Information design, which is the way in which your site’s information is organized and presented. Amateur web designers often overlook one branch, favoring the other. In order for a user to have a pleasant experience on your site, your content must be presented both clearly and in an aesthetically-pleasing way — otherwise, visitors are going to get bored, turned off, or confused. Creative Market offers tons of beautiful site templates, graphics, and fonts to help ensure that your aesthetic design is top-notch. We also offer lots of tools to optimize information design as well, like graphics for infographics, website flowcharts, and web layouts that insure that information is presented in a clear, logical, and easy to read fashion.

UI Kits

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Website Flow Charts

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Web Ready Fonts

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3. No Red Tape

If you want someone to enjoy using your site, let them use it — and right away. Making someone register before they enter or type in jumbled letters to prove that they are not a bot can be helpful for security reasons, but unless there’s a real security threat, just let people use your site without having to jump through hoops. If customers need to register with you to buy a product or use a certain feature, then present them with a window or option to do so at the appropriate time. But making them do work right off the bat before they even get to the good stuff has been proven turn away about 50% of visitors.

4.Test Your Site Before it Goes Live

So you’ve put lots of work into designing your site, you’ve kept lots of UX tips in mind, and you are happy with the product. But just because you like the site, it makes sense to you, and you think it’s great to use, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world will think so, too. (You are the mastermind behind it, after all.) So, make sure you test a beta version of your site with friends, family, and trusted colleagues before you launch it.
It’s most important to ask them three important questions after the test–What do we do? How can you get in contact with us? and Did you run into any bugs? Getting these answers will ensure that you’ve communicated your mission clearly, that you’ve made sure the customer will be able to do business with you easily, and that it’s running smoothly across all devices. On Creative Market, you can find good-looking templates for a “Coming Soon†placeholder page while you perfect your site before it goes live.

Coming Soon Templates


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