40 of The Coolest Home Offices for Creatives (2015 Edition)

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
40 of The Coolest Home Offices for Creatives (2015 Edition)

For those of us who work at home, there is no better feeling than having a creative workspace of our own. A place where we can collect inspiration and bring it to life without the drab setup of a typical cubicle. For some that means bringing in moodboards, proper lighting and wall decor. For others though, the project of creating a home office goes far beyond the practical: it's a design challenge on its own.

These 40 incredibly creative spaces will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about home offices:

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OK, we know. This is not an office. Isn't it absolutely inspiring though?

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  1. MehmetRehaTugcu

    I wouldn't last an hour on some of those tiny metal/wooden chairs. And how do people work with all that sun glare on their screens!

  2. robbrink

    I always enjoy seeing other creatives home offices but a little disappointed there wasn't a variety of home offices. Seems like its all targeted towards women creatives.

  3. AkselLarsen

    My office at work is super messy and my home office is also super messy
    and i can not find my things if there are clean up.
    and if i use time on cleaning up all the time.
    I have less time to be creative.
    also i am more creative in a messy environment.
    I am the only one there are that way :) ?
    but like @Rob Brink i always enjoy seeing other creatives peoples home offices

  4. bilmaw

    Super nice & very feminine work spaces. I'm still working on creating an office/work area I'd actually want to photograph!!

  5. janleah00

    I find them kind of boring! No colour, no inspiration, nothing to make you feel like jumping in and getting the flow going! White on white is like looking at a blank screen, or a blank piece of paper.

  6. dtjb

    They almost all look the same - whites/pastels, uncomfortable chairs, and hardly a sign of work getting done. Where's the swatches, the boards, the sketches...heck, half of these don't even have computers in them. This is how interior designers stage a scene for a photo shoot, not how offices *actually* look.

    (also these are all super feminine, there are plenty of us male creatives out there)

  7. phil.velikan

    no one works in any of these. LOL! Do a list of functional creative offices not HGTV home offices for paying bills.

  8. UnVeilCo

    Haha - those seem to me a little non-functional for creatives. Cutesy, but not practical.

  9. TheLifeBazaar

    I like some of the choices here, but I have to echo the other comments... pretty but not practical. Where is the correct lighting for when the sun goes down? Where are the chairs that are built for marathon creating sessions? Would love to see some practical and real creative spaces!

  10. jensawolverine

    Love looking at others' cool set ups. I finally have a home office of my own that I adore. Now if only I could fix how easily distracted I get...

  11. seanburdick

    Was looking forward to this post as I am a work-from-home web designer and starting to build an office space for myself, but this seems to be geared towards fashion bloggers. Where's the multi-screen setups?

  12. jidoe

    Yikes. These are mostly impractical, inefficient and downright unhealthy "work" spaces. As a professional graphic designer / art director, I would go insane trying to get anything done in most of these home offices. 2 tips from me: invest in a good chair and give yourself plenty of space to work.

  13. tjf.odland

    I'm redesigning my office and was excited to scroll this article for inspiration - super disappointed. While the majority of these workspaces are beautifully staged and magazine ready - hardly one of them was actually functional... so frozen and rigid, like you can almost see the dust collecting on a space that's never actually used. Where's the sprawling surface space for working, the storage for tools and supplies, the activity, the mess of creative chaos? I'm sorry, I've got too much going on to hide it all in a laptop and hairpin desk.

  14. aylanah

    I have to echo the comments here. I'm in the process of re-thinking my home office to be more beautiful while still being practical. These ideas are pretty, but perhaps only one or two actually look like working spaces. Perhaps the next edition will include a different variety?

  15. DrTheopolis

    These are just staged office dioramas from places like apartmenttherapy.com. And the large format/flip clock mac screensaver is a trope that needs to end.

  16. jprozsa

    Cool spaces no question. But I'm going to be that 99% aren't really worked in. As much as I like to keep my studio clean and neat... even when it's clean and neat, it looks nothing those. These remind me of the "living room" that never gets used.

  17. airecare

    I'd like to see some studios that combine both an area for computers and painting.
    I use my computers for illustration and balance it with my 'dessert in life' which is oil painting.

  18. stump

    why repost articles from a year and half ago on your facebook page like they are new? 90% are units from ikea. meh.

  19. bojo2112jon

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