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5 Awesome Infographics About Web Design Principles

Creative Market March 29, 2024 · 3 min read

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? In this post, we’ll look at 5 of the coolest infographics about basic web design principles and explore a little bit about what you can learn from each.

10 Key Design Principles

This infographic for Digivate by designer Toby Davies is a very general overview of 10 key principles to keep in mind when designing a website. The principles include some common sense stuff like “Know Your Audience,†but it also does a good job of collecting fundamental ideas to keep in mind when designing an effective site that both draws people and functions well.


The Evolution of Web Design

It’s hard to understand where something’s going without understanding where something came from. That’s why this infographicfrom Kissmetrics, outlining the evolution of web design from its origins in the early ’90s to the mobile design era of today, is so helpful. The infographic explores 8 distinct eras within web design – The Early 1990s, the Mid-1990s, the late-1990s, the year 2000, the Early to Mid 2000s, the Mid 2000s, the Late 2000s, and the Mobile Web.

The Evolution of Web Design infographic is helpful to people hoping to learn the basics of design since it outlines prominent designs, significant design advancements, memorable design elements, and more from each era, including the current one. It’s a great way to understand what the fundamental principles of design are today, as well as the foundations those fundamentals are built on.


Principles of Effective Web Design in 2013

This infographic from Site2You is a year old, but it does an excellent job of exploring in depth the design elements that make an effective site today. The infographic focuses on four specific elements of design: user-friendly navigation, quality content, aesthetics, and site design functionality, then offers more information about each and statistics to demonstrate its importance. This is a great infographic for anyone who likes to see the numbers behind ideas.


10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design

For a more timely infographic, check out this one from Splio, called 10 Basic Tips about Responsive Design. This infographic focuses specifically on responsive design, which is more important than ever in our mobile media age. The infographic offers ten basic tips that can help ensure designers create both effectively functional and aesthetically-pleasing websites. It also offers some convincing numbers to show why designing responsively might be the smartest thing to do today.


What Your Web Design Says About You

The What Your Web Design Says About You infographic from Six Revisions takes a look at things from a different angle. This infographic outlines specific fonts and colors that can be used in Web design, then outlines what using those fonts and colors says about your business or site. The infographic reviews fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Impact, and it discusses all the colors of the rainbow, as well as common colors like black, brown, white, and grey.


What’d We Miss?

If you’ve seen some great design infographics lately that weren’t included here, shoot us a link in the comments below so we can check them out.

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