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5 Quick Wins for Better Blog SEO

Joe Darnell March 28, 2024 · 4 min read

SEO is something of a dark art. Professionals have contrasting opinions on how to maintain it let alone establish it. The medium changes so rapidly that we rarely master it.
Countless sources address the plugins, keywords, and meta of your blog’s SEO. I want to attend to the foundation of your blog and what makes it worthy of optimization in the first place. One school of thought is “SEO will give you an audience.†But it won’t for long if you don’t make it your priority to create something worth people’s attention.

1. Blog for One Market

Bloggers often think I love baseball, coding, and music. How can I blog for all my favorite subjects? All of us have had a moment where we wanted to cover all of our interests.
Don’t actually blog for more than one though, because you can’t be all things to all people from the perspective of search engines. SEO is effective for a singular target.
The Jack of all blogs is master of zilch. You are better off blogging to a niche so the search engines are likely to notice you cover one market faithfully.

2. Cultivate Your Market

You’re not producing a mini series. A good blog is a never-ending journal. Blog frequently. Search engines prefer sites with timely content. If you can progressively foster traction, turning web searchers into fans, then you are doing favors for your SEO.
You shouldn’t enter SEO thinking you’ll reach everyone, because you won’t. SEO is nurtured by publishing content to suit a tribe. Cover all of their interests and frequently meet their needs over time and optimization will happen seemingly on its own.

3. Don’t Be Generic

It sounds strange, but search engines are attracted to the human element. Personable blogs are triumphant. We are in search of passionate answers, distinguished artists, and memorable stories.
Chances are you like someone’s blog because you feel a connection with the blogger. Audiences appreciate what a persuasive blogger appreciates, and no one appreciates anything more than a striking persona.
If you blend your content in to sound as “balanced†as possible with all the collective Internet, search engines will consider you irrelevant because you are to the people.

4. Be reliable

SEO entails your ability to meet people’s needs. If you are going to do that, you have to be dependable. Deliver good content. Don’t hit Publish until you create something relevant. Value generates loyalty, and loyalty attracts search engines.
Far too many bloggers lack credibility or consistency. Self-proclaimed experts that lack substance aren’t adding value to their blog. Search engines are smart enough to know you are an imposter. Don’t proclaim that you’re an expert. Prove that you are an expert.

5. Build a community

Take social seriously

. Relationships are the backbone of every good blog. Respond to messages from your readers. Get to know the people that take an interest in you.
Don’t think of it as social networking. Think of it as community-building. Encourage people to contribute. Search engines like to see two-way communication on a blog, so do it and the engines will participate in their own way.

What’s Your Strategy?

Do you have go-to standards for SEO? What quick wins have you discovered for your blog? If you don’t like your SEO where it’s at now, what do you think is holding it back?

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