50 Mindblowing Portfolio Sites To Inspire Yours

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
50 Mindblowing Portfolio Sites To Inspire Yours

Successful portfolio websites strike a delicate balance between engaging visuals, clear layouts, and persuasive copy. It’s a complicated sweet spot. One that can mean the difference between a new client and an immediate bounce. While we’d love to splash graphics all over our visitors’ faces, it all comes down to one crucial question: are you hirable? And trust me when I say this: being hirable and appearing hirable are two completely different things. So practice some restraint, make good use of the red marker, and scrap what needs to go.

These six elements are particularly crucial to succeed at your first encounter with a visitor:

  1. Is there a clear call to action where they can learn more about you? Is the layout confusing?
  2. Is there wordiness in the way you are promoting your talents?
  3. Does the site take forever to load? (Slow portfolio sites are the equivalent to being late to a job interview. Avoid at all costs.)
  4. Is the site focused on your client’s core issues or simply displaying your success?
  5. Would this site load properly if your prospective client was using a mobile device?

I spent some time scouting the web for the most creative examples of portfolio sites, and have included them in this list. As you take a look at these websites, take note of how certain design solutions might inspire your own portfolio:

Josh Miller

Josh MillerPin It

Billy French

Homepage | BIlly FrenchPin It

Bell Brothers

John and Dan are the Bell Brothers, an award-winning independent game and design studio based in South Jersey.Pin It

Denise Chandler

The web design portfolio of Denise ChandlerPin It

Melanie Daveid

50PortfolioSites5Pin It

Alex Gilev

Alex Gilev specializes in user interface design and usability for web apps, mobile apps, desktop applications and websites.Pin It

Gin Lane

50PortfolioSites7Pin It


PANIC is an animation studio rocking the world from Riga, Latvia. motion graphics, animated storytelling and graphic design is our way of making stories come alive.Pin It

Marielle Bordewijk

Home - Marielle BordewijkPin It

Orchid Création

50PortfolioSites10Pin It

Juraj Molnár

50PortfolioSites11Pin It


400 – is a leading London based branding and design consultancy dedicated to delivering strategic and creative solutions that stand out from the crowd.Pin It


50PortfolioSites13Pin It


Toi - A Web and Mobile design agencyPin It

Sassi Holford

50PortfolioSites15Pin It


50PortfolioSites16Pin It

Peter Vachon

The Portfolio of Peter VachonPin It

We Ain't Plastic

50PortfolioSites18Pin It

Nathan Riley

50PortfolioSites19Pin It

Durkan Group

50PortfolioSites20Pin It


Home | YondrPin It

Urban Ape

50PortfolioSites22Pin It

Denys Nevozhai

Denys Nevozhai is a Ukrainian product designer living in ShanghaiPin It


50PortfolioSites24Pin It

Moran Palmoni Architects

50PortfolioSites25Pin It

Zac Halbert

50PortfolioSites26Pin It

‎Claudio Calautti

I’m a freelance creative front-end developer with 6+ years of professional experience. #html5 #css #jsPin It

Grid & Flow

50PortfolioSites28Pin It

Alessio Santangelo

50PortfolioSites29Pin It

Licorn Publishing

Bienvenue sur le nouveau site de Licorn Publishing. Vous pourrez retrouver ici toutes les nouvelles créations graphiques pour le web, l'illustration, le print, ou encore le textile. Bonne visite !Pin It

Nick Sigler

Nick Sigler - Design & IllustrationPin It

Jim Basio

50PortfolioSites32Pin It

Hermes Tocchetti

Hermes Tocchetti Photographer official website, sito ufficiale del fotografo Hermes TocchettiPin It

I Shot Him

50PortfolioSites34Pin It

Most Probably Me!

50PortfolioSites35Pin It

Michelle Lana

Michelle Lana Illustration and DesignPin It

Have You Met Janet

Graphic designer with a passion for life and design. Loves laughs, banter and little friendly pranks. Strong desire for knowledgeand adventures. Avid snowboarder, mountain biker and sportsaholic. Volunteer, nature lover, yogi and book nerd at heart.Pin It

Davide Cantelli

I am web designer, web developer and graphic. I am 25, I live in Bologna - Italy and I love my job.Pin It I am web designer, web developer and graphic. I am 25, I live in Bologna - Italy and I love my job.

Abbas Monfared

The Protfolio Of Abbas Monfared, Front-End Developer, UI DesignerPin It

Cher Ami

50PortfolioSites40Pin It

Mathilde Jacon

50PortfolioSites41Pin It

Nice and Serious

50PortfolioSites42Pin It

Cuberto Agency

50PortfolioSites43Pin It


Portfolio et Blog de Gweno, alias Gwénolé Jaffrédou, Graphiste. Graphisme, Web design, Motion design, User Interface, Print, Identité et Illustration.Pin It

Brian Delaney

Brian Delaney - UX / UI Designer and Front-End Dev in San Francisco, CaliforniaPin It

Beloesuhoe Production

Beloesuhoe is a full-service production company with capabilities ranging from commercial production to television shows and seriesPin It

Always Awake

50PortfolioSites47Pin It

Robby Leonardi

50PortfolioSites48Pin It

Marc Thomas

Marc Thomas - Freelance Digital Designer and Frontend Developer based in London, UKPin It

Joe Schlaud

50PortfolioSites50Pin It

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