Designer Fears: The Odd Things That We Panic About

By on Oct 26, 2020 in Inspiration
Designer Fears: The Odd Things That We Panic About

Last month we asked you to rank the worst of your fears depending on how scary each of them seemed at the moment. The results? Forget ghosts, spiders, and haunted mansions, designers are afraid of creepier monsters like software crashes, coding and client expectations. The results were hilarious, and we can't wait to share the top 10 fears most of us panic about.

1. Falling in love with a $500 font


2. Photoshop crashing when you're 20 layers deep


3. Seeing developers “take liberties” with your design


4. "It will take you 5 minutes"


5. Leaving headphones at home


6. Favors. Exposure. Free Gigs.


7. "You code, right?"


8. Hard drive failure


9. Making it "pop"


10. Typos. Everywhere.



Any other fears you'd like to vent? Leave a note in the comments section below!

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  1. MehmetRehaTugcu

    Number 4. I wouldn't say it's a fear but it certainly makes my blood boil. A couple months back I was contacted by 99Designs to write a PowerPoint tutorial and create a basic presentation template as a guideline for other designers. I gave them a price and they responded with a laughable counter-offer while saying "It shouldn't take longer than half a day".

    If you're such an expert on how long the project takes, then do it yourself.

  2. AlishiaWonderland

    Number 8. Hard Drive almost gave me a heart attack last weekend....backup your work !

  3. vvnlala.wong

    It is only 5 minutes. We both know it is not only 5 minutes................. We are not Harry Potter, unfortunately.

  4. Knud75

    Handing in a close to final revision with all assets perfectly positioned and all looking great. Then you get "Can you make the text bigger"?, Errr no! "you have space on either side of the header, can't you just stretch it across"? Errr no!

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