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7UP's New Logo Goes Old School

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

7UP, your favorite “uncola,” has renewed its branding with new logo and packaging designs. We’ll take a quick look at the new design and turn the conversation back to you to see what you think.

7UP Logo History

7UP is by no means a newcomer in the soft drink game. The 7UP brand launched way back in 1936! In fact, it’s even older than that. The same drink existed under another name, Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, from 1929 to 1936 (good call on the name change).
Since 1936, 7UP has gone through countless bottle/can/logo redesigns and advertising campaigns. As opposed to Coca-Cola, which has retained a remarkable degree of consistency over the years, 7UP seems to be constantly reinventing its image.
When I was a kid, “Spot” (the mischievous red dot mascot), was a primary feature of 7UP advertising. Remember this ad?

The 2014 7UP Logo

The 2010 iteration of the 7UP logo was colorful, fun, and fruity, an obvious attempt to modernize the branding. For 2014, they’re running in the complete opposite direction.
Out with the bright colors and bubbly lettering, in with the retro vibe. As you can see below, the new logo heavily borrows from the roots of the brand history. Notice the shape of the 7, the shadow/stroke treatment, and the fact that “up” is written in lowercase for the first time in decades.
The ad below reinforces the vintage appeal with the glass bottle taking the hero spot. The “Feels Good to be you” slogan feels sort of random and pointless, which makes it fit right in with most soft drink slogans!

What Do You Think?

7UP seems to constantly be in a state of identity crisis, so I think it makes sense for the latest design attempt to take a step back and explore the roots of the brand. Personally, I miss Spot, but all that proves is the power of marketing to 90s kids with cartoon characters. Overall, I like the new logo better than the 2010 version. What do you think? Is the new branding a step in the right direction?

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