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8 Lame Stereotypes That All Designers Hate

Creative Market April 9, 2024 · 1 min read

Stereotypes are rampant across creative and tech industries, and they suck. The truth is that designers are a diverse bunch, and we hate being put into restrictive conceptual boxes. Here are eight #LameDesignerStereotypes that drive us crazy. If you see one that bugs you, share it out and let people know you think it needs to die. If you don’t see any that resonate with you, write your own and let us know. DesignerStereotypes-1 DesignerStereotypes-2 DesignerStereotypes-3 DesignerStereotypes-4 DesignerStereotypes-5 DesignerStereotypes-6 DesignerStereotypes-7 DesignerStereotypes-8

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