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8 Lame Stereotypes That All Designers Hate

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 1 min read
Stereotypes are rampant across creative and tech industries, and they suck. The truth is that designers are a diverse bunch, and we hate being put into restrictive conceptual boxes. Here are eight #LameDesignerStereotypes that drive us crazy. If you see one that bugs you, share it out and let people know you think it needs to die. If you don’t see any that resonate with you, write your own and let us know. DesignerStereotypes-1 DesignerStereotypes-2 DesignerStereotypes-3 DesignerStereotypes-4 DesignerStereotypes-5 DesignerStereotypes-6 DesignerStereotypes-7 DesignerStereotypes-8

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  • 1 is rather spot on for me, minus the glasses. 7 years ago
  • So true :D 7 years ago
  • Is there something wrong with me if three of them kind of describe me? :( :P 7 years ago
  • Haha no kidding. Like seriously...I totally don't have a beard. :glare: But the drawing one though...I admit I sketch and brainstorm a lot. :hangs head: I'm sorry for upholding stereotypes, guys. And a lot of the time I actually can fix their computer. :embarassed blank nod: Andddd I'm honestly not even sure whether I'm socially awkward. I mean, I definitely am but for some reason I keep choosing to be social. Which is probably where the awkward part comes in. :more slow nod: But the rest...nope. :best attempt at reassuring smile: 7 years ago
  • At the other end of the spectrum...all designers are free of charge for friends and family :/ 7 years ago
  • I can least imagine why someone would think so for most of them.. but Designers being socially awkward? Seriously? 7 years ago
  • Hehehe.. think somethings wrong with me... i do tend to sketch alot... abit of an introvert #sociallyawkward.. and tend to like black... 7 years ago
  • Hmmm ... I do use a Mac, I love black, I am socially awkward, and I do help co-workers with computer issues when I can. Does this mean my "Designer Card" will be revoked? ;) 7 years ago
  • I also wear black. I fix my friends' computers sometimes. However, I don't charge way too much, nor own a mac, nor suck at coding. 7 years ago
  • Almost 25 years ago 99% of design work was done on the MAC. When I retired form the Navy, I had spent the last 8 years doing graphics on the PC (not an easy task). In the real world everyone was using MACs, so I went to school to learn the Apple way. When I graduated from school, my first job was on the PC, surprise! These days 99% of what you used to accomplish on the MAC can be done on the PC and the PC is a lot cheaper than the MAC. And lets face it, like it or not all you MAC heads out there, today's MACs are really PCs running the Apple OS. 7 years ago
  • I really, for a second, thought I read Joshua Jackson. Yes, I had a problem with Dawson's Creek. 7 years ago
  • draw all day = check use macs = check socially awkward = check But, I wear skinny jeans, utility boots, plaid shirts, hoodies and fitted baseball caps.... it's my uniform. And I CAN code (or at least find errors in bad code!) ;) 7 years ago
  • I thought the stereotype was that all designers can code, I have gotten multiple inquiries (sometimes from the same clients), about coding their websites even though it clearly states i don't do that on my website. 6 years ago
  • I hate to admit it but I am all of these things. 6 years ago
  • Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.... 6 years ago
  • Never heard the socially awkward one...I was always under the impression that being a designer was a "cool" job to most other people. Are we not? Now I don't know what to think. Also I don't use a mac. I hate that stereotype. 6 years ago
  • The worse stereotype is people thinking you will work for free. After all, you can whip up a design in no time. Try doing that next time you get your car serviced and see what they say. 5 years ago
  • Almost all check hahahaha, great article! 4 years ago