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A Designer's Life in 20 More Hilarious Cartoons

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 5 min read
Ever feel like you’re living in a cartoon world? I’m not talking about hating Mondays and having a passion for lasagna, but instead that you can’t believe the ridiculous things that people say to you, as a designer, on a regular basis. I know I get stuff like that every day, and that’s why when I saw our last post with 10 cartoons, I knew there had to be more out there. Turns out, I was right.

1. Versatility in all Things

Ever looked at a logo and wondered where else it would fit? Like how it would work as an Instagram logo or just on various devices? Then this comic by Heyoka at Kopozky hits the spot just right.

2. The Closet Case

Admit it: sometimes you can become a bit of a shut-in when you’ve got a big project on your desk. I know I do, and things like “wearing matching clothes” and “smelling good” usually go right out the window, as proven by this comic by Jerry King over at Webdesigner Depot.

3. A Change in Status

The client who wants no changes is like a unicorn: rare, wild and you’re not really sure if it actually exists. If it does, you want one. Bad. Cartoon by Jerry King at Webdesigner Depot.

4. An Epic Quest

Now this is a rabbit hole that I can relate to. You start with a simple task, and next thing you know, it’s taking forever just to accomplish the logistics of the task, nevermind the design itself. I love this cartoon for so many reasons. Comic by Brad Colbow.

5. Mammoth Changes

We’ve all been there. Big file, long load time, big changes. Sure, you don’t always want to jump off a bridge once you get one of those requests, but it sure does sound like a good idea at the time. Comic by Kristine Osbourne

6. Lies that Graphic Designers Say to Art Directors

Look, I can’t post just one of these comics by Iain Cameron and not post the rest. They’re just too good.

7. The Holy Trifecta

I have this buddy of mine who bases what jobs they take on three criteria: fun, fame or fortune. If it does two out of those three things, they’re good. I think I prefer this comic by Lunch Breath better.


Insert Comic Sans, Curlz or Brush Script in here, and I’ve got pretty much the same opinion. Comic by Straight2Helvetica.

9. Hurrr Durrr

It’s hard to write a piece like this and not link The Oatmeal. In this case, it’s a slightly NSFW How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell comic, and, well, just understand that it’s worth your time to check it out.

10. Typeface Problems

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Even if you’re not a writer, you get the troubles of working with typefaces, and how sometime they can bring you down. Comic by Grant Snider at Incidental Comics.

11. It Needs More Kerns

Improper kerning makes my teeth itch. It sets my hair on end. It makes my tummy upset — you get the point. Comics like this classic by XKCD remind me why.

12. Thump

Kate Leth is now a famous comic book artist for Marvel, but she’s also known for doing Kate or Die. This strip refers to most artists, but I’ll tell ya what, it’s certainly applicable for creatives of all types.

13. Your Computer Needs Blinker Fluid

We’ve all dealt with computer problems before, and if you’re not tech savvy, you might have to call in a professional. Hopefully they know their stuff — not like this guy in David Malki’s Wondermark.

14. They Have No Taste

Ever go to a restaurant and critique the design of the menu? Of course you have. Because why would you want to eat at a place that has such poor taste in fonts and layout? You wouldn’t, that’s why. Comic by Ken Reynolds.

15. Pay Per Pixel

Sometimes, things can be broken down into smaller amounts based on Comic by OK/Cancel

16. Papyrus? PAPYRUS?!?

Look, when you make comics all the time the way that XKCD does, I’m good with using them twice in one list. I’m even better once I see that this comic references Papyrus, one of my favorite fonts. #sarcasm

17. Not Stock

We have some great photos here at CM, but not every site has cool stock photos. Or odd ones. Or impossible ones. Comic by Brad Colbow.

18. A-B

Some people want to make everything quantifiable, and when it comes to design, it just ain’t that easy. Unless you’re Dilbert, in which case it’s totally possible.


OK seriously, The Oatmeal, even though it’s a bit NSFW, it so awesome. I’m sure you can relate to this sentiment, and if you click through, you’ll find the rest of the goodness.

20. Bad Design

Dilbert is a pretty solid comic if you’re into workplace humor, and who would’a thunk that they would be packed with design references? Turns out that this one applies perfectly to web designers everywhere.

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