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Announcing Retina Product Images

Aaron Epstein March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Today we’re excited to release retina display support for all products. Those of you with high-DPI devices will now be able to view products in all the glory and splendor that their creators originally intended. Icons are now sharper, fonts are more legible, themes are faster and grander. Really, James Cameron couldn’t have rereleased a masterpiece better himself.
For the sellers out there, we’re passionate about making your content look as great as possible. We launched with the ability for you to upload screenshots at a high-resolution size of 1160x772px. If you have done so, your products are going to look great on the wide range of high-DPI displays including the iPad and Retina Macs. Anything under the 1160x772px size may not have a high-def edge when viewed on these displays and we recommend uploading a larger, reformatted screenshot.
We are working constantly to make beautiful design more accessible to everyone and we hope this small update will make finding great design even greater.

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