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Announcing the Creative Market Photoshop Extension!

Aaron Epstein March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

As creatives ourselves, we understand how frustrating the design process can be. You spend your days designing in Photoshop, often interrupting your workflow to scour the web for design resources that are supposed to help you work faster, but ultimately waste your time and end up scattered across dozens of browser tabs, random folders and zip files on your computer. And if you ever have to reinstall Photoshop or move to a new computer, you end up feeling like Superman in Superman II when he loses all of his powers: frustrated and helpless.
We always wished there was a better way…so we built it!
Today we’re really proud to announce the Creative Market Photoshop Extension. It’s a free panel that installs right into Photoshop, giving you instant access to all of the amazing content from Creative Market without ever leaving the app.
Creative Market Photoshop Extension

Get the Creative Market Photoshop Extension →

Even better, all content purchased through the extension is automatically installed right in Photoshop and ready to use. It’s like the App Store for your creative content — no more unzipping downloaded files, manually installing content, or restarting Photoshop.
Creative Market Photoshop Extension Screenshots
That means when you buy a font, it’s automatically installed and ready to use in the type tool (without needing to restart Photoshop!). Purchase a PSD template through the extension, and the PSD opens automatically in Photoshop without having to click another button. Download a set of texture brushes and BAM!, they instantly install into your Brush panel, ready for you to start creating.
Creative Market Photoshop Extension Cloud
And here are some more ways we think the Creative Market Photoshop Extension will change the way you work:

  • Browse, Search and Buy Inside Photoshop
    You’ll have access to thousands of design assets right from Photoshop, including actions, brushes, fonts, gradients, graphics, layer styles, patterns, shapes, templates, textures and more.
  • Instantly Install Assets with a Single Click
    Once you find the perfect assets for your project, they’re automatically installed in Photoshop with a single click. So you don’t have to waste time downloading random files through your browser, unzipping them on your computer, manually installing content, or restarting Photoshop.
  • Access Purchases and Saved Collections in Photoshop
    All of your Creative Market purchases and saved collections are available inside of Photoshop. So no matter where you buy or bookmark your favorite assets, you’ll be able to access and one-click install right in the extension.
  • Download New Free Goods Each Week
    Pop open the extension each week to grab new free graphics, templates, fonts, brushes, add-ons and more to kickstart your projects, while saving time and money.
  • Reinstall Purchased Assets in a Snap
    With all of your purchases synced to your Creative Market account, you’ll be able to quickly reinstall all of your crucial content and tools every time you upgrade Photoshop or move to a new computer.
  • True Creative Cloud
    Anytime you purchase content through the Creative Market website or through the extension, your creative assets will be available immediately, across multiple devices.

Building our Photoshop extension has been a labor of love for our whole team and we’re really excited to finally share it with you today – but we’re also just getting started. We hope it takes your design workflow to another level, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments. As always, thanks for your support and happy creating!

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  • I was just going to ask about an API the other day! This will make our website workflow so much better!!!! 9 years ago
  • Right now this is one of the most useful tool for my Photoshop. Thanks a lot guys! 9 years ago
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  • @The Warehouse @Ales Nesetril and @Silviu Stefu Thanks so much for your support, glad you like it! 9 years ago
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  • I absolutely love this idea! Great work folks. 9 years ago
  • :*( installed this extension and now everytime I go to open photoshop, I get blue screen of death. NOOOOO!!!!! Luckily I have ISO image backup :) 9 years ago
  • @Derek Stevenson Could you email me with more information about what happened? Particularly if it happens again. Basic info that is helpful: 9 years ago
  • This is awesome guys. As you well know the Extension development landscape can be a dark and scary place at times, with confusing or sparse documentation at best. You've done a really stellar job here. I would love to hear a more about how you put it together. Anyone mind me picking there brain a little? (I'm working on an extension myself.) 9 years ago
  • Thanks Hamish! You sum it up well. I'm writing up a post today about what went into it and the strange issues we've encountered—hopefully it can help a few out there. If you ever need to bounce something of someone, feel free to message me: 9 years ago
  • I'm looking forward to the blog post about the extension. I've been looking into building one myself and would like to learn more! 9 years ago
  • @Brian Reavis I believe it has to do with my onboard graphics chipset. HDMI not activating once I restart my computer, I noticed the BlueScreen occurs when I do not disable and re-enable my onboard graphics driver. My PSU is going bad so I had to remove my video card for the time being. So I have noticed a string of BSOD message with other programs like Pro Tools and Aptana Studio. Once I enable my driver, I get no BSOD message when opening the application. 9 years ago
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  • Hey guys, it's up! Here's a post with a breakdown of what went into it: (cc: @John Stevenson, @The Warehouse, @Hamish Macpherson) 9 years ago
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  • This is great! Thanks for creating this for us! 9 years ago
  • @Brian Reavis After reinstalling Photoshop (thank you, Adobe), it works great! Awesome extension! 9 years ago
  • This is no longer available? 4 years ago