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Announcing Free Goods of the Week!

Lesley Yarbrough March 31, 2021 · 1 min read

Here at Creative Market, we’re working hard to build the best darn marketplace that we can and late last week we took one more step in our journey. Friday we launched the new Free Goods of the Week section to both highlight our amazing sellers and make it even easier for customers to get their hands on great design content.

The way it works is every Friday we’ll feature three new shops from the marketplace, each offering one of their products for free for the week. If you really like the work of a particular shop, you can easily explore more of the products they have for sale.

To help you keep up with the latest freebie goodness, we’ll be sending out an email every Friday when the free goods are updated. You can check your email settings here to see if you’re subscribed. And if you like to share the love via Twitter or Google+, we’ve started using the #FGOTW hashtag to follow the conversation.
We hope you enjoy this latest addition to the marketplace and if you ever have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you. Cheers!

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