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Avatar Creator Kits To Make Your Own Characters

Creative Market April 12, 2024 · 5 min read

Remember playing Monopoly and arguing over who was lucky enough to be the dog, or maybe the car? Those game pieces were analog versions of avatars, the icons that represent particular people in the digital world. From a professional point of view, creating your own avatars makes sense since custom designs add a personal touch to graphics, in business presentations and on blogs, websites or forums. From a personal perspective, though, you’ll probably find making your own avatars can be a lot of fun. Using a character design kit like one of those listed below can help.

Why Use a Kit?

Using an avatar kit or meme creator saves time and resources while expanding your options. Sure, you could draw a character yourself if you have the skill set and the time, or you could hire someone to create the character for you, at some expense. For all that effort you’ll have just one character. Character creator kits have taken care of the tedious, time-consuming details, leaving you free to create dozens, hundreds, even thousands of avatars from the combinations.

Suggested Kits to Try

Monsters and Creatures

Little Devil Kit: Customize a couple pre-made characters with the kit of mouth shapes and accessories, including a chainsaw, halo and cape. Includes EPS and AI file formats.

Monster Creation Kit with Large Pack: You’ll find 40 pre-made monsters and a gallery of 185 elements that include body parts, wings, tails, facial features, fur and more that are easily scalable and editable, arranged in layered files of AI, PSD and EPS formats.

Monster and Character Creation Kit: Customize one of the 12 pre-made characters by applying different combinations of the 20 body shapes and over 120 body parts and accessories, re-creating a favorite superhero or imagining a new one. All elements are vector, and all files are high-resolution EPS, PNG and JPG files.

Male Characters

Make Your Character: Assemble a variety of masculine characters with nine fully replaceable heads, four skin tones and 10 clothing items in vector EPS and PSD files.

Happy Male Character Icons: When you need a happy male icon, check out these 15 smiling faces, flat and minimal in their design, and available in EPS and JPG formats.

F.U.N. Avatar Creation Kit: From a set of 48 vector elements, which include three head shapes, facial features and hairstyles, create countless combinations of male avatars simply by hiding or showing layers in the PSD, AI or EPS file.

Football Avatar Constructor: Build your own fantasy football team from the selection of five skin tones, five eye and hair colors, dozens of uniforms, 30 hair styles and 15 beard choices that come in the EPS and AI constructor files.

Female Forms

Female Avatar Generator: Illustrator CS4+ users can create trillions of female avatars from a selection of facial shapes and skin tones, hair style and color options, more than a dozen noses and eyebrows, and more than 75 choices of eyes and mouths.

Character Creation Toolkit – Ladies: Pose the separate body parts of the 29 pre-made lady figures into a variety of positions, from flirty to fashionista to future CEO. The AI and EPS files contain 14 head shapes and eye expressions, 15 mouth options, 28 hair styles and 11 hand actions (with 23 different objects), plus your choice of 36 accessories and 29 outfits.

Character Creator – Ladies Edition: Mix and match the 30 heads and 30 bodies provided in EPS and PNG formats.

Make Your Female Character: Create flat feminine avatars from the nine fully replaceable heads, four skin tones and 10 clothing items in vector EPS and PSD files.

Non-Human Characters

Figure Construction Kit Vol. 1: A high-quality Illustrator file with three art boards of elements provides you with the basic outlines for dog, kid and adult versions of LEGO® Minifigures. You’re given a dozen different characters with interchangeable bottoms, tops, hairpieces and faces. You also can change the color of any element in the kit.

Smart Cat Kit #1: Add character to your next presentation with this smart cat, which comes with 14 poses and faces, plus props like a whiteboard and laptop.

CreHeads – Fun Creature Head: Create your own mascot head logo from one of the 20 head shapes by changing colors, resizing and rotating 14 choices each of eyes and mouths.

Avatars for Businesses

Professional Characters Kit: Create male and female vector EPS or PSD versions of more than two dozen different professionals, such as farmer, astronaut or spy, and further customize with the more than 200 related tools of their trades.

Business Scenes Generator: These avatars would work well at enhancing an otherwise boring business PowerPoint presentation. With this kit you can not only build and position avatars, you can place them in a variety of office scenes, complete with props like plants and bookshelves.

Both Boys and Girls, Men and Women

Character Design Kit: Construct your own cartoon-like character of any age by switching around the hairstyles, eyeglasses, mouths and facial expressions of the AI CS3 and EPS files.

Hand-Illustrated Avatars: Adopt one of the 40 hand-illustrated head icons, available in AI, EPS and PNG formats.

Face Maker Bundle – Sketch: Make your own modern, minimalist face from the 65 vector assets in SVG, PDF, EPS and Sketch source files.

Avatar Creator v.1: Start from scratch or begin with one of the 40 existing male and female characters in AI, EPS or PNG format, changing out footwear and clothing as well as hair.

Add avatars to your collection with one or more of the countless combinations that are possible with these avatar kits.

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