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  • The yellow is a great logo - the green color speaks to me of industrial or hospital spaces while yellow is a color of the intellect and energy. The yellow is not so light as to be a legibility issue, as they fear. The negative space of the yellow 'B', with the slight bird shape, will also be missed. And overall, it just looks more nicely balanced and a symbol that nicely stands on its own. The new green logo just looks like the letter 'B.' Moving to a capital B in the name is okay. But besides that it's a downgrade from the yellow logo. The original bing logo? Awful. Both a leagues better than that thing. 7 years ago
  • Defiantly a downgrade, even tho the old wasn't really good either. The color is not too bad tho, but nothing eye catching either. I guess they spent some millions on this.. oh well, I preferre Google as a search anyway. 7 years ago