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50 Certificate Templates to Design Stunning Awards

Creative Market April 12, 2024 · 7 min read

Giving out awards is a great way to honor people who have standout talent or accomplished great things. If you want to create certificates that look fantastic to effectively acknowledge people who deserve recognition, check out the 50 stunning certificate templates below.

Clean Certificates

Clean Certificates, created by Boxkayu, is one of the cleanest, most minimalistic award templates. It’s a great choice to use in the fields of fashion and film.

Best Choice Certificate Template

When you want to award someone for being the best choice overall, give them an award on the Best Choice Certificate Template. It contains both a celebratory badge and text.

New Certificate Template

The New Certificate Template is great to use for students or employees. It’s also an excellent option for those looking to print diplomas.

Red Certificate Template

Designed with a combination of bold and light reds, the red certificate template comes in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

Business Certificate Template

The Business Certificate Template lets users add their own photo easily with drag and drop using Smart Object.

Certificate Design Template Set

The Certificate Design Template set makes designing a template easier than ever before. Design a range of documents and awards simply and easily.

Certificate Template Vector

The Certificate Template Vector has a distinctly scientific feel, with graphics that resemble atoms, or a solar system.

IT Certificate Template

Use the IT Certificate Template to craft awards or diplomas in school or professional settings. The templates come in two sizes: A4 and US Letter.

Certificate Design Template

If you appreciate someone, use this simple template to show them with a certificate of appreciation.

Certificate Bundle

The Certificate Bundle offers you more bang for your buck, with 30 unique certificate designs.

Vintage Style Certificate

Reminiscent of old-school diplomas, the Vintage Style Certificate diploma template is a classy, formal choice template choice.

Reseller Certificate

If you’re a reseller, this template can help you create an official authorized Reseller Certificate. The certificate comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Elegant Certificate Template

This Elegant Certificate Template is aptly named because its design is formal and minimalistic. Use this is in an academic or professional setting.

Vintage Wedding Certificate PSD

Getting married, or know someone who is? This Vintage Wedding Certificate PSD allows you to create, customize and print an old-fashioned-style wedding certificate.

Certificate Template Word

Sometimes you just want the creation of a template to be easy. That’s where the Certificate Template Word comes in – it is easily customizable, with a clean, minimalistic design.


Get funky with Modern vector’s Certificate template. This certificate contains retro yellow and black details, with a red sealing wax graphic for a more official look.

Modern Corporate Docx Certificate

The Modern Corporate Docx Certificate is easy to edit and design using Microsoft Word.

Watercolour Certificate Template

The Watercolour Certificate Template is an artsy, decorative way to let someone know that they have done something well, or that you appreciate them.

Dark Ribbon Word Certificate

Create a certificate that stands out with the Dark Ribbon Word Certificate template – a certificate template with a striking black background.

Certificate Template

The Certificate Template created by Cristal Pioneer includes Ai, EPs and PDF files, and it is 300 DPI print ready.

Certificate Template

With eye-catching red accents, this Certificate Template from Cristal Pioneer is an easily editable way to give people awards for their achievements.

Certificate Template

This Certificate Template from Cristal Pioneer features green accents, making it a great choice for an eco-friendly or nature-focused achievement.

Certificate Template

Thedesignsource has created a minimalistic, straightforward dual-tone Certificate Template that can be printed either vertically or horizontally.


The Certificate by Todorovic Designs is a formal certificate template that is fully layered and editable, with 2 Vector EPS files.


The second Certificate template by Todorovic Designs features bright gold flourishes and an overall formal feel.


The third Todorovic Designs Certificate features a striking dark background and bright border, for a unique way to honor individuals.


This Certificate by Todorovic Designs features brightly colored accents on its corners, and is a fun and whimsical way to give an award.


Todorovic Designs’ Certificate with a ribbon-shaped design across the top is one of the most appropriate award templates to give to a health-related association, or another organization that utilizes ribbons for awareness.


This Certificate from Todorovic Designs has a blue accent on the top, and is a perfect combination of casual and professional, making it appropriate for a wide range of organizations to use.

Multipurpose Certificate

This Multipurpose Certificate featuring diagonal, brightly colored borders is easily customizable with a company logo, and contains AI, EPS and PDF files.

Word Docx Certificate Template

Inkpower has created a Certificate Template that is easily customizable with MS Word, and is both modern and professional.

Script Triangle Certificate Design

Inkpower’s Script Triangle Certificate Design is a bit more formal than other certificate templates, making it the perfect choice for professional acknowledgements.


This Certificate by Todorovic Designs features interesting, eye-catching geometric elements.

Certificate Template

For a classic, formal certificate design, check out Certificate Template by Krukowski Graphics. This template includes a traditional, embellished border and gold seal.

Multipurpose Certificate

This Multipurpose Certificate is one of the most straightforward and minimalistic templates on the entire list.

Certificate and Diploma

Modern Vector has created a Certificate with a red wax seal graphic, making it perfect to be used for an academic diploma.

Blue Diploma Template

This Blue Diploma Template has a blue header and footer – great for any organization with blue as one of its official colors.

Diploma Certificate Template

Create a simple diploma feature red seal and ribbon with this Diploma Certificate Template from Krukowski Graphics.


Sunny has created a beautiful certificate template in Certificate7. The intricate design and subtle blue and green color gradient make it a great choice for a formal or artistic event.


Todorovic Designs has created this Certificate template with a decorative border and centered seal, which is fully layered and editable, and perfect for a formal or classic event.

Abstract Certificate

If you’re looking for an updated and interesting certificate template, look no further than this Abstract Certificate from Cristal Pioneer. The geometric and triangular designs make this template unique.

Formal Certificate of Completion

When someone has completed a course or an event, award them with this Formal Certificate of Completion from Ryder Doty.

Vintage Certificate Bundle

Get a bunch of old-fashioned certificate templates in this Vintage Certificate Bundle from Todorovic Designs.

Certificate Template

With formal script font at the top and a seal of approval at the bottom, this Certificate Template is formal – and comes in both vertical and horizontal formats. The colors on this certificate are also easy to edit.

10 Modern Certificate Docx Bundle

For a group of certificate templates that are easily editable with Microsoft Word, check out this bundle of certificate templates from Inkpower.


Choose this certificate for a template that is modern, bold, and eye-catching, with a wave-like design.

Certificates and Modern Luxury

The Certificates and Modern Luxury template from DigitalPen evokes the sleek, minimalistic essence of the world’s top luxury brands.

Certificate Template I

Print Forge’s Certificate Template is minimalistic and understated. That, and its intricate detailing (border, graphics), make it a great choice for a formal or celebratory event.

Modern MS Word Certificate

This modern Certificate template from Inkpower is customizable for color, and can be edited in Microsoft Word.


Perhaps the most intricate and formal template on the list, this Certificate from Todorovic designs features a flourished border and detailed background.

If you want to give someone an award or honor, you can easily customize the certificate yourself on your own computer. Simply choose one of the templates from Creative Market designers and add your own details: Your honorees will thank you!

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