Confessions of a Guilty Designer: 15 Bold Admissions

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
Confessions of a Guilty Designer: 15 Bold Admissions

I'm willing to bet there are some skeletons in your closet. Hey, it's cool, we've all made mistakes. It's not good to keep all that stuff inside though. It eats at you. A little confession is good for the soul. Here are fifteen confessions from guilty designers who feel that they need to get something off their chest.

If you see something you're guilty of, Pin, Tweet, or otherwise share it out. If you don't see one that relates to your particular case of design guilt, write a new one and share it out on social with the hashtag #designerConfessions. This is a judgment free zone. Vent away.

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  1. These are wonderful. They need one about a client who wants you to kinda-sorta rip off a design. Can you make it look the same but different?

  2. Mine would be: I'm always the last to order in a restaurant, because I'm too busy critiquing the menu design

  3. I know Comic Sans became a joke long ago, but please remember it exists for a reason : It's the easiest typeface for people with dyslexia.
    Very funny confessions though.

  4. Comic Sans is good for certain, very specific uses. But the hate/joke from Comic Sans is caused by bad usage - for example office use or even graves (yes, it did happen)

  5. One of mine : after being moved to another country without my personal staff; I've designed several projects (including sites and photo-correcting) on the laptop with a monitor replaced by a cheap one (due to its break) before I finally could buy a new good quality monitor.
    Passing through the work I've done on this monitor - what a surprise. I mean bad surprise..

  6. Why would anyone miss Adobe Flash, piece of Sh!T faux web technology.

  7. I loved this! Great confessions - I have to admit that I have a few of these skeletons! Thanks for sharing!


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