Create Your Own Hand-Lettered Fonts in Minutes With ‘Fontself'

By on May 24, 2016 in Design Trends
Create Your Own Hand-Lettered Fonts in Minutes With ‘Fontself'

Font creators, we’ve just found the perfect tool to make your life a whole lot easier. Fontself is a soon-to-release extension for Photoshop and Illustrator that can take your alphabet from a hand-sketch to an exportable font in just a few clicks.

No, it’s not out yet, but we’re anticipating its release! Judging from the explanation on their Kickstarter page, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just scan or take a picture of your hand-drawn, sketched or painted letters, select them in Photoshop or Illustrator and the Fontselect extension will automatically match them to each pertaining character.


Expect the first early bird release of Fontself by the end of the year. See their Kickstarter video below, and check out the the page to donate!

Free lettering worksheets

Download now!


Download now!

Getting started with hand lettering?

Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises.


  1. hellobrio

    This is a nice idea, if they can figure out the kerning and spacing issue! The details are in the hours (and hours) spent pouring over these tweaks and getting them just right. I'd still rather use Illustrator and Glyphs App and do it that way :)

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