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Creative Market Awesome Autumn Design Contest: Roundup and Winners

Kelley Johnson March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

It’s here, it’s here, fall is here! Not only does that mean the promise of crisp autumn air, colorful leaves, and spicy pumpkins galore, it also means it’s time to announce the winners of our Awesome Autumn Design Contest! You folks came up with some pretty amazing fall themed designs, so let’s check out the winners and take a look at some of our other favorite entries.

And The Winner Is…

So many wonderful designs were submitted all over the web for this contest! Every day, new and inspiring entries came in. While it was extremely difficult to pick an overall winner, there was one extra special design that our whole team really enjoyed!

Olli of Feather & Sage Design Co

Congratulations to Olli of Feather & Sage Design Co, you are our grand prize winner! Here’s the winning entry:
Olli will receive $100 in Creative Market Credits, $100 in MOOlah from, and a Creative Market Tee.

Runners Up

That’s not all folks, we’ve got second and third place winners to announce. While Olli’s design was an overall favorite for us, there were also two other submissions that stuck out while we were going through the entries.

Second Place – Lin Chervenkova of Mindful Pixels

Lin’s entry was not only extra creative and original (she was the only one to design a to do list), it was also incredibly practical and useful, which we loved!
Lin will receive $50 in Creative Market Credits, $65 in MOOlah from, and a Creative Market Tee.

Third Place – Jaanus Kaasik of Mr Vintage

You absolutely have to check out this entry ladies and gents! Jaanus went all out and made an animation for his submission. This was, hands down, one of the most creative and unique entries we received!

Jaanus will receive $25 in Creative Market Credits, $50 in MOOlah from, and a Creative Market Tee.
All winners will be contacted shortly for information on how to claim their prize.

Some of Our Favorites

There were so many outstanding entries, and we want to thank each and every one of you for participating and helping us bring in this new season with a little extra creativity and fun! Here are a few more of our favorite submissions.

Donna Casey




Lisa Glanz


Jenna Combee


Vaiva Jakimavičiūtė


Luca Poldelmengo


Beth Rufener


Alice Mongkongllite


See The Rest

Interested in seeing what other great designs were created for the contest? Head on over to our Pinterest page and see all the fall design goodness!

An Extra Special Thank You

It’s been so fun to watch all of the great entries come in for this contest! In fact, we want to send everyone out there an extra special “thank you” for participating. So, Creative Market and are both offering up discount codes to Creative Market users! Here’s everything you’ll need to get the codes:
15% off code for
15% off code for Creative Market: cmawesomeautumn

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