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10 Amazing Crowdfunding Campaigns with Great Design

Creative Market April 16, 2024 · 5 min read

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are an awesome source of inspiration for creatives and entrepreneurs hoping to turn ideas into reality. However, crowdfunding sites can also a great source of design inspiration, too. Many crowdfunding campaigns are incredibly impressive in terms of videos, visuals, branding and more – and these stunning designs often convince people to donate or give. Here are 10 of the best.

Mars Needs Mechanics: Steam Engineers Bound for Space

Mars Needs Mechanics

is a board and card game that was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2013. Created by Nevermore Games, the Mars Needs Mechanics Kickstarter campaign page is an example of a page that’s perfectly branded to match the campaign theme and tone. The game is set in London in 1873, and it focuses on a “handful of elite steam engineers” that “vie for a seat on mankind’s first rocket to mars.” Because of the game’s subject, the page features images that evoke old-fashioned machinery and flight: cogs, scrolls, rockets and more. The page includes backer rewards and stunning original illustrations of the game’s major components.

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Nebia Shower – Better Experience, 70% Less Water

The photos and videos used on the Nebia Shower Kickstarter campaign page are visually stunning. The Nebia Shower is one that uses 70% less water, while still providing an enjoyable experience for users. The pictures and videos feature enticing scenes of the product providing warm showers, all in clean, minimalistic and peaceful bathrooms.

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Cuddle & Kind: Knit Dolls That Help Feed Children

Another campaign page whose design perfectly matches its theme is that of Cuddle&Kind, a company that created bright, soft dolls for young children. In exchange for the purchase of a doll, the company pledged to provide 10 meals to hungry children throughout the world. The page features beautiful, high-res, eye-catching photos of the dolls, so potential funders could see what they were investing in. In addition to colorful, playful images that draw in parents and children alike, the page includes beautiful infographics explaining the company’s story. These infographics deliver useful information in an easy-to-grasp and stunning way.

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Guts of Glory: The Boardgame!

The Kickstarter campaign page for Guts of Glory: The Boardgame! features stunning hand-drawn watercolor illustrations. The headers on the page are hand-drawn, as are small images to match each page section and backer level. This page is a great example of how a campaign page can use original, handmade artwork.

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Luna: Bring the Moon Along With You

Luna is a lamp designed to look (and glow) like the moon. What makes this Indiegogo campaign stand out is its stunning video, which shows closeups of the moon-like lamp, and then different ways people can use the lamp to enhance their space. The page also includes stunning photos of the lamp in a variety of rooms and situations, so backers could see what the item would look like in real life.

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Elliott Landy’s Photographs of THE BAND: The Book

Elliott Landy is a photographer who took some of the first photos of Canadian rock group The Band. He ran a Kickstarter for a coffee table book of his photos of the group, also called The Band. Elliott Landy’s campaign is oft-cited as having one of the most stunning Kickstarter videos ever made. The video features high-quality video shots of the photographs, as well as an interview with the photographer himself. Landy’s photos are beautiful by themselves, but the high-quality camera work, editing and music combine to create an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign video.

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The Core Wireless Speaker System

The Indiegogo campaign page for the Core wireless speaker system is sleek, minimalistic and perfectly branded. The campaign’s product was touted as being small, compact, easy to use and beautifully designed. Plus, the use of high-res photos, black and white text, and minimalistic design accurately reflects what the company was hoping would attract investors.

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Fonde: The Ravioli Rolling Pin, Perfected

The Fonde Ravioli Rolling Pin campaign was a Kickstarter Staff Pick. One reason it was so beloved was because the included video showed mouthwatering footage of a chef using the rolling pin to create fresh ravioli from start to finish. It’s hard to deny the beauty of a video featuring a steaming plate of fresh ravioli with bright colored tomatoes and gooey melted cheese at the end – the images are hard to resist, too.

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The Viking of 6th Avenue

Kickstarter uses the campaign image of a feature-length documentary called The Viking of 6th Avenue as a great example of how main campaign images should be designed. The image features the subject of the documentary - legendary New York musician Moondog - with his eyes closed, in front of a background with more black and white images of the musician. The image is symmetrical, high-res and gripping in its subject matter.

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Drumi: The Foot Powered Washing Machine

Drumi is a foot powered washing machine whose Indiegogo campaign was fully funded in 2016. The Drumi campaign featured sleek photos of the device, as well as helpful illustrations and infographics about how to use it. Its branding was also on point, since Drumi is sold as a green product, and the colors incorporated in the design were various shades of green and white.

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Consider seeking out design assets on Creative Market to run your next crowdfunding campaign. Illustrations, typefaces and more can create a page that both effectively touts the project and looks good at the same time.

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