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Awesome Comics Capture Designer Problems That Are Way Too Real

Laura Busche March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Every week we’ll be poking fun at the all the best and worst parts of being a designer. Here’s our growing collection of #DesignerProblems, we hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Week of April 4: Mazel Tov!


Week of March 28: The Mask


Week of March 21: Reboot


Week of March 14: If Monday Were A Color


Week of March 7: 1-800-THUMBS-DOWN


Week of February 29: What was I thinking?!


Week of February 22: Yeah…not a chance.


Week of February 15: Extreme Measures


Week of February 8: But First, Coffee


Week of February 1: The Butterfly Effect


Week of January 25: Happily Ever After


Week of January 18: Drinking For Two

Designer Problems

Week of January 11: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s…

Designer Problems Humor

Week of January 4: Traumatic Experiences

Designer Problems

Week of December 28: Kern Down For What


Week of December 14: Story Of My Life

Designer Problems Creative Market

Week of December 7: Define ‘Helpful’


Week of November 30: Mother Nature’s Request


Week of November 23: The Nut Job Tax


Week of November 16: Thanks But No Thanks


Week of November 9: Rockwell for MVP

Week of November 2: The Feedback Process


Week of October 26: Meetings

Designer Problems Comic

Week of October 19: If Doctors Were Treated Like Designers


Week of October 12: Make It An Elephant

Designer Problems 16: Make it an elephant

Week of October 5: Wine Label Issues


Week of September 28: Pictionary With Designers


Week of September 21: The Mind of a Designer

13 (1)

Week of September 14: Date Gone Wrong


Week of September 7: Don’t You Dare Touch My Screen

11 (1)

Week of August 31: That Wow Factor


Week of August 24: I’ll Need a Drink


Week of August 17: Just a Few Minor Changes


Week of August 10: The Perks of Freelancing


Week of August 3: Art Directing 101

6 (1)

Week of July 27: Good Ol’ Helvetica


Week of July 20: Bloated Files


Week of July 13: The Logo


Week of July 6: Buying a Dress


Week of June 29: Stranded With Your Art Director


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