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Drop 21: A Dazzling Display of Design Assets

Olivia Hoskin December 6, 2023 · 10 min read

Welcome to this month’s exciting roundup of the Creative Market Drop, where we showcase a vibrant collection of design assets. Each item is a testament to the creativity and skill of our Shop owners, exclusively available to our Creative Market Members

Let’s delve into this diverse selection of creative treasures.

Adomania Sans Serif Font

Experience sleek typography with Obscure Fonts’ Adomania Sans Serif Font. Available in 2 weights and 2 styles, it’s ideal for modern, clean designs; this font adds an air of sophistication to any project.

Shapes Set for Procreate

Infuse geometric precision into your digital art with the Shapes Set for Procreate 250 brushes from Ana Moreno | Letteringiam. These shapes are ideal for adding an artistic and geometric element to your illustrations.

Layouts Kit Multipurpose Template

Enhance your presentations with the Layouts Kit – Multipurpose Template featuring 20 unique layouts from Anastasiia Zeva. This template is ideal for a wide range of professional and creative applications.

Meuga Condensed Sans Serif Font

Bring a modern touch to your typography with the Meuga Condensed Sans Serif Font from Ardana Creative. Its condensed style is perfect for impactful headlines and contemporary designs.

Tattoo Brushes For Procreate

Explore the art of tattooing with Tattoo Brushes For Procreate from Easy Procreate. These brushes are specifically designed for tattoo artists working in the digital realm.

Retro Social Media Templates Canva

Add a vintage vibe to your social media with Retro Social Media Templates Canva, including 70 post templates from Boltik Studio. These templates are perfect for giving your posts a nostalgic and stylish flair.

Pimento Typeface

Make your designs stand out with the unique hand-drawn Pimento Typeface from Bone Idle Goods. This distinctive font is perfect for eye-catching headlines and creative branding.

Sabeth Elegant Typeface

Bring sophistication to your designs with the Sabeth Elegant Typeface from Craft Supply Co. This typeface is ideal for high-end branding and editorial work and adds luxury to your typography.

Amber Brand Guidelines

Create cohesive brand guidelines with Canva or Adobe InDesign Amber Brand Guidelines from Createthrive Studio. This tool is essential for maintaining brand consistency and identity.

Retro Disco Unique Retro Display

Step back in time with the Retro Disco – Unique Retro Display font from Dharmas. This font is perfect for projects requiring a nostalgic or retro feel.

3D Chromatic Shapes Pack

Bring depth and color to your designs with the 3D Chromatic Shapes Pack from Dirtybarn. These vibrant and dynamic 3D shapes are perfect for modern, eye-catching projects.

Grainy Mesh Gradient Shape Maker

Create a unique, textured look with the Grainy Mesh Gradient Shape Maker PSD from DSGNTOPIA. This tool is a must-have for designers looking to add a contemporary touch to their projects.

Broone Font

Add a stroke of sophistication with the elegant Broone Font from Asenbayu. Its unique and versatile style is perfect for branding, editorial designs, and more.

Dark Romance Floral Art Collection

Immerse yourself in the mystique of the Dark Romance Floral Art Collection from Eclectic Anthology. These enchanting floral designs in deep, romantic hues are perfect for projects that demand a touch of elegance and mystery.

FIORE Instagram Templates for Canva

Elevate your social media presence with the FIORE 200 modern Instagram Templates for Canva from EnvolAgency. These beautifully designed templates are ideal for creating engaging Instagram posts.

Procreate Rake Texture Brushes

Enhance your digital textures with Procreate Rake Texture Brushes 21x from Esther’s Art Supplies. These brushes are perfect for artists looking to add unique textures to their digital artwork.

Kica Extended Font Family

Elevate your typography with the versatile Kica Extended Font Family from iFRAME.DESIGN. This family offers a range of styles suitable for both digital and print media.

Company Profile PowerPoint Template

Impress your audience with the professional Company Profile PowerPoint Template from Gaize. Tailored for presenting company profiles and business proposals with style and clarity.

Monoline Brush Set for Procreate

Discover the elegance of minimalism with the Monoline Brush Set for Procreate 5+ from Good Kid Studio. These brushes are perfect for artists who appreciate sleek, clean lines in their digital artwork.

Golden Hour Mockup Bundle

Capture the warmth of the golden hour with Goodies Buro’s Golden Hour Mockup Bundle. These Adobe Photoshop mockups are ideal for showcasing designs in a natural and appealing light.

Ziporah Elegant Serif Font

Add a touch of elegance to your projects with Ziporah Elegant Serif Font from Graphicxell. Ideal for minimalist branding, editorial design, and high-end advertising.

Gracie Tote Bag Mockups

Showcase your designs with style using Aesthetic Tote Bag Mockups – Gracie from Hello Karla Co. These mockups provide a chic and realistic way to present your tote bag designs.

Prism Light Photo Overlays

Transform your photos with the ethereal beauty of Prism Light Photo Overlays (26 JPEGs) from Freezeron Digital. These enchanting overlays add a magical, luminescent touch to your photography projects.

Afrora Vintage Print Font

Create timeless designs with the vintage-inspired Afrora Print Font from Illousa. Its old-school charm is ideal for eye-catching headlines and logos.

Pend Oreille Font

Discover the unique charm of Pend Oreille Font from James Coffman Design. This font offers a unique personality, perfect for various creative projects.

Procreate Geometric Shape Brushes

Elevate your digital art with Procreate Geometric Shape Brushes (130 shapes) from Julia Right Studio. Ideal for artists who love incorporating precise shapes and geometric flair into their work.

Ocean Blue Background

Immerse your designs in the serene depths of the Ocean Blue Background collection from KetteCreate. These backgrounds add a calm, aquatic touch to any project.

Bohemian Notes Bold Handmade Font

Introduce a personal touch to your projects with Bohemian Notes Bold Handmade Font from Lara’s Wonderland. This font is ideal for designs that require a handmade, warm feel.

Ancient Future Apple Device Mockup

Showcase your digital work in style with the Ancient Future Apple Device Mockup with 4 PSD files from Lehit Studio. These mockups offer a sleek, modern display for Apple devices.

Sahertian Elegant Serif Font

Enhance your designs with the timeless elegance of Sahertian Elegant Serif Font from Perfectype for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or Corel Draw. Ideal for sophisticated branding and editorial projects.

Nutgame Sans Serif Font

Introduce a playful yet professional touch with Nutgame Sans Serif Font from Zarma Type. Great for engaging designs, particularly for contemporary and funky projects, going for a hand-created feel.

Services and Pricing Guide Canva

Present your services professionally with Services and Pricing Guide Canva from Made for Creatives. Ideal for businesses looking to showcase their offerings clearly and attractively.

Vinyl Record Retro Mockup

Revisit the classic era of vinyl with the Vinyl Record Retro Mockup from MixedArt. This mockup is perfect for music-themed projects or adding a vintage touch to your designs.

Screen Device Phone Mockup

Showcase your digital designs with the Screen Device Phone Mockup from Mockuptype. These mockups provide a realistic and professional way to present your apps, websites, or digital projects.

NF Chimaera Grotesque Sans Serif

Make a bold statement with NF Chimaera – Grotesque Sans Serif from Narrators. This distinctive font is perfect for brands and designs that aim for a modern, edgy look.

Procreate Zine Kit

Unleash endless creativity with AlwaysBeColoring’s Procreate Zine Kit, featuring 350 brushes. This extensive collection is perfect for artists exploring various textures and styles.

Geometrica Neo Geo Kit Vol.1

Revolutionize your designs with Geometrica – Neo Geo Kit – Vol.1 from Leo Alexandre. This kit is a treasure trove for designers looking to incorporate geometric elements into their work.

Platinum Script

Add a touch of elegance to your typography with the Platinum Script from Pista Mova. This beautiful script font is ideal for invitations, branding, and projects that require a sophisticated, handwritten feel.

Instagram E-commerce Template

Elevate your online store’s presence with Instagram E-commerce Template from Replika Machine. These templates are designed to make your e-commerce posts stand out on Instagram.

Marghote Grotesk Sans Type

Introduce a contemporary edge with the Marghote – Grotesk Sans Type from Figih Ryan Creative. This modern sans serif font is excellent for minimalist and clean designs in branding and editorial work.

Authentic Romantic Slab Serif Font

Embrace elegance with Authentic Romantic – Slab Serif Font from SilverStag. This font is perfect for creating romantic, elegant typography in various design projects.

Fruity Texture Procreate Brush Set

Add a zest of creativity with the Fruity Texture Procreate Brush Set from Smaley Studio. These brushes bring a unique texture to your digital artwork, perfect for artists looking to infuse their work with a playful and vibrant feel.

COS Resume – CV – Letter

Make your first impression count with the COS Resume – CV – Letter templates from Studio Brand Shop. These templates blend sleek design and functionality for professionals to help your resume stand out.

Festive Abstract Shapes & Extras

Brighten your projects with the colorful and playful Festive Abstract collection from Ivet Studio Fevrier. These shapes and extras are perfect for vibrant and celebratory designs.

iPad Photo Mockups

Present your digital designs elegantly with iPad Photo Mockups from Tahtagraphic. These mockups offer a realistic and professional display of your digital content.

Cans and a Box Mockup

Elevate your packaging designs with the versatile Cans and a Box Mockup from TD Mockup. Present your branding on various packaging types realistically and attractively.

Ivory Brand Guidelines for GoogleSlide

Craft compelling brand stories with Ivory Brand Guidelines GoogleSlide template from Template by Sixtysix. This template is designed to create clear and cohesive brand guidelines.

Quasar Soft Typeface 

Expand your font library with Quasar Soft Typeface – 15 Fonts from VPcreativeshop. These fonts offer versatility and style for a wide range of design applications.

SERE Social Media Kit (II)

Boost your social media game with SERE / Social Media Kit (II) from Wildnun Studio. This kit includes everything you need to create striking and cohesive social media posts.

Sketcher Sample Combo Pack

Expand your sketching tools with the Sketcher Sample Combo Pack from Wonder & Wild Gear. This set offers a variety of sketching tools, perfect for artists and illustrators working in Procreate.

ZT Mostion

Add dynamism to your typography with the ZT Mostion font from Zelow Type. Perfect for making bold statements in modern and energetic designs.

Eco Green Sustainable Icons

Embrace sustainability in your designs with Eco Green Sustainable Icons from Creative Wilderness. These icons are ideal for environmentally focused projects and green branding.


As we wrap up this month’s captivating journey through the latest Creative Market Drop, we hope you’ve found inspiration and the perfect assets to elevate your creative projects. Remember, this is just a glimpse of the vast array of unique and high-quality resources available at Creative Market.

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