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20 CSS Tutorials That You Never Knew Could be So Easy

WP TiE March 31, 2021 · 6 min read
Gone are the days when a website was only about text. Now learning HTML is not sufficient because CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) has become the standard for building great online experiences. It fuels the overall look of a website and makes it appealing to users. When I started out (8 years ago), I was told to learn both HTML & CSS; since these were the mandatory languages for developing web pages. Now I realize that learning CSS back then seemed like a daunting task for me. However, with proper guidance, I managed to gulp it in a couple of days. The internet has evolved so rapidly that nearly everything is available and learning something new has become a matter of few clicks. Such is the case with CSS, where several designers and developers have put together free lessons to help you learn the basics of CSS as well as more advanced techniques to improve your abilities. But picking a good tutorial out of the lot isn’t always that easy. So, do you want to learn CSS? Good news: there are plenty of free online resources out there, which cover from beginner to advanced levels. I’ve collected these 20 top CSS tutorials to help you get started. Let’s begin!

Introduction to CSS – Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

css by mdn This is the complete solution guide to all those who are looking forward to learning CSS. Developers can get started to master the language from the very basics to the advanced concepts like cascading, inheritance, debugging, etc.

All About Floats

all about floats Alignment is an integral part of design. Hence, developers must take care of it. This is one of the most precise tutorials about learning the concept of floats in CSS. It is a positioning property which can be assigned to either left or right.

Bouncy Transitions

bouncy transitions A web element having a hover state with a different background color is not new. You might have experienced this effect while dragging the cursor to the call to action buttons. Such effect is achieved via a transition property in CSS. It tells the browser what aspects of an element to animate if its properties change. This is an incredible tutorial to add animation and transitions in CSS.

Column Height Considerations in CSS

column height considerations Lynda is a great resource for developers, and this tutorial explains how you can customize the column size of your website. This allows the browsers to calculate different heights of the elements.

Full-Screen Fading Navigation

full scale fading navigation This simple tutorial showcases how you can achieve the effect of a faded navigation without writing a single line of JavaScript.

Getting Started with CSS Grids

Grids are an integral component of a website which may not be seen physically, but is always there. With this tutorial, you can get started with making your own grids quickly.

Create a Stunning Menu in CSS3

The navigation bar plays a major role in defining the UX of a website. There are several techniques to load your site’s menu but doing it all with CSS is a smart move. This easy tutorial helps you achieve the goal without getting into any further hassle.

“Stitched” Look in CSS

This tutorial will help you create a rounded rectangular block with a “stitched” (or dashed) look. You’ll discover how to build it by looking at the CodePen. Shadows add a vibrant look to your site’s design and enhance the UX. This tutorial will cover every option at your disposal as you design various kinds of shadows.

Product Showcase with CSS3

If you are building a website to showcase a product, displaying it properly is crucial. It should be in place with the right styling properties. This comprehensive tutorial will help you build one such layout from scratch.

Stylish User Settings Dropdown Menu

Treehouse is the go-to place for tutorials, articles, and videos to learn CSS. Here, you can learn to create a custom user settings menu in CSS3.

CSS Triangles

This is an interactive step-by-step tutorial to create animated triangles with CSS. In this CSS tutorial, delve into more detail on creating inspiring buttons in CSS3.

Making Custom Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

This is not an ordinary tutorial to create custom checkboxes and radio buttons. Instead, it sets your default selectors to make them invisible by configuring their opacity to zero, and then replace them with graphics. This will help alternate graphics between the checked and unchecked versions.

One-Page Responsive CSS Tutorial

This pen explains how to create a simple one-page responsive tutorial in CSS3. You’ll learn both why and how to use it while gaining a basic understanding of CSS.

CSS Flexbox Grid

Flexbox is one of the layout modes in CSS which has gained a lot of popularity. This tutorial aims to provide a basic understanding of CSS Flexbox and demonstrate how you can use it in your web pages.

Fluid Typography

Depending on the screen size, you can adjust the font-size and other related properties to create a fluid effect for your website text. This tutorial will explain how modifying the viewport units and calc() help you achieve such effect.

Video Player in CSS3

Videos play a vital role in enhancing the readability of your site’s content. It not only markets a product but also ensures better user engagement. This is a set-by-step tutorial which explains the process of coding a video player with CSS3.

Hiding Things with CSS

Setting the values of opacity to 0, visibility to hidden and display to none are some of the ways to hide an element in CSS. This tutorial does exactly the same, i.e. guides you to make things invisible with CSS.

SVG Christmas Light Icon Animated with CSS

Animating SVG to make beautiful icons is an amazing effect in CSS. This video demonstrates how to create an inspiring Christmas light icon in CSS. You can get through it and create one for yourself.

In Closing!

I’m sure these tutorials will help you improve not only the basic skills but also provide advanced learning. For better understanding, each tutorial offers different concepts providing code-based and visual examples. Which of these did you like the most?

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