Best Emoji Fonts & Icon Sets for Playful Designs

By on Mar 12, 2018 in Inspiration
Best Emoji Fonts & Icon Sets for Playful Designs

There are 2,666 emoji in the standard Unicode set, and more are on the way. These little images can be used to add emotion and emphasis to texts, emails, posts, and more - and just like with alphabets, designers are free to render them in countless different ways. Here's a look at some of the best emoji fonts and icon sets for all kinds of whimsical, playful design projects.

Watermelon Emojis

This set of 16 editable vector icons presents familiar emoji expressions in the shape of a pink and green watermelon slice. The Watermelon Emojis set comes with two different backgrounds for use in social media posts, posters, or cards.

Cartoon Freaky Smiley Emoticon Pack

The Cartoon Freaky Smiley Emoticon Pack includes 27 vector images depicting a range of emotions with humorous cartoon touches. Emoticons are organized into themed sets and are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Emoticons Pack

This set of 80 emoticons features 40 monochrome and 40 flat color variations on the classic "smiley face" for use in social media, emails, texts, and design projects such as cards and posters. The pack includes all files in Adobe Illustrator, SVG, and PNG formats for easy editing.

Emoji Travel Pack

The Emoji Travel Pack includes 224 emojis in 8 themed sets, including patch emoji, sun emoji, and lemon emoji in Illustrator and PNG formats, for use in social media, messages, and blogs, as well as patterns for printing on T-shirts or other products.

Fox Emojis

The Fox Emoji set features a range of emotions, expressions, and gestures rendered as cute, furry foxes. The pack includes 40 expression emojis, 16 hand, or paw, emojis, and a bonus emoji pattern for use in infographics, social media, stickers, or posts.

Candy Corn Emoji Icons

This set of 20 unique icons features familiar emotions and gestures rendered as the Halloween favorite Candy Corn. These flat design icons are fully editable for use in social media and blog posts, cards, and posters.

Heart Emojis

This set of 60 emojis features cartoon hearts in a wide range of emotions and gestures for blog posts, social media, posters, and cards. The Heart Emojis set comes with a fully editable vector file, plus seven artboards and a bonus wallpaper.

Kitty Cat Emoji Icons

The Kitty Cat Emoji Icon set includes 36 quirky cat emojis in whimsical cartoon form. All images come in fully editable vector format for use in posts, social media updates, emails, and more.

Animated Social Icons + Video Avatars

The Animated Social Icons + Video Avatars set features icons for common social media use in flat and line art forms and combinations. The set includes MP4 Facebook avatars as well as GIFs and static raster images.

Line Emoji

The Line Emoji Set includes 150 filled line, flat, and outline emoji in sets of 50 each for use in social media and blog postings, email, and more. The bundle includes all emoji files in four formats, plus a bonus cover illustration.

Lego Head Emoji Clipart

With 36 editable images, the Lego Head Emoji Clipart set renders standard emoji expressions in Lego style. The Clipart set comes in PNG and JPG formats for use in scrapbooking, cards, and social media posting.

Emotional Emojis

This Emotional Emojis set includes 16 editable vector images in round "smiley face" form for use in social media postings, blogs, cards, and posters. The set comes in Adobe Illustrator and JPG formats that can be resized and recolored as needed.

Omekashi Emoji Illustrations

Featuring pop-art dingbats with a Hello Kitty vibe, this Japanese-inspired Omekashi illustration font set features cute cat faces, cupcakes, bows, and flowers. The 78-character set comes in both OTF and TTF formats, with a keyboard map for each font group.

Moonshot Font Family

An edgy, all-caps font with a bold hand-drawn look, Moonshot includes both regular and oblique styles and a large glyph set for projects such as book covers, posters, and headers. Moonshot also comes with Moonshot Decorative, a set of hand-drawn emojis and swashes.

Vintage Emojis OTF Collection

The Vintage Emojis Collection includes 52 color emoji fonts in flat, retro style for social media and blog posting, posters, and infographics. The set comes in multiple file formats for managing color font features.


With curvy, casual letters, Papaia is a playful font inspired by teenagers. The Papaia font set includes 200 ready-to-use emojis including objects, smiley faces, and animals and features 630 glyphs supporting languages from all over the world.

Emoji Smiley Font

Emoji is a whimsical color font created entirely out of multiple emoji character faces, for use in headlines, titles, banners, and posters. Emoji also comes with a bonus set of actual emoji in classic smiley-face style.

Pineapple Emojis

The Pineapple Emojis set includes 16 classic emoji icons rendered in lighthearted pineapple form. The set includes three different backgrounds for posters, blog posts, scrapbooking and other lighthearted design projects.

Emoji/Emoticons Bundle

Featuring playful emoji icons for social media profiles, blog posts, infographics, and posters, the Emoji/ Emoticons Bundle includes stroked, squared, and classic flat style emojis, plus a seamless emoji pattern.

Emoticon Emoji Big Set

Featuring a gallery of emoji in flat color style, the Emoticon Emoji Big Set includes the classic smiley face with cat, angel, and devil variants, along with a variety of gestures for social media posts, blogs, posters, and more.

Emoji are a universal language, using pictures to share ideas and feelings throughout the world. These lighthearted icon and font sets can add both humor and meaning to your design projects for both web and print.

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