Follow Creative Market on Pinterest and Get 15% Off

By on May 3, 2016 in Community
Follow Creative Market on Pinterest and Get 15% Off

Creative Market has been on a serious Pinterest craze lately. What can we say? We’re pinspired! It’s hard not to get sucked down the rabbit hole of all that eye candy. If you’re as obsessed as we are, join our Pinterest community! Follow us using the widget below and we’ll present you with a 15% off discount code for a purchase on Creative Market! Make sure to redeem your code by following the green “Redeem” button.

How to Redeem Your Discount

  1. Make sure you're logged into Pinterest in the same browser
  2. Use the widget below to follow Creative Market on Pinterest
  3. Enter your username in the widget below
  4. Click continue and a promo code should appear
  5. Click on the green button below the widget labeled "Redeem Your Promo Code"
  6. Enter the promo code in the text box that appears

Follow Creative Market on Pinterest and Get 15% Off Your Next Purchase

Redeem Your Promo Code!

Some of Our Favorite Things on Pinterest...

1. Color Schemes

The world would be a bland place without color. Our Color Schemes board seeks out the most divine color palettes on Pinterest. Find the perfect color combination for your next project.

2. Design Inspiration

What’s Pinterest but the ultimate source of pinspiration? We gather the most impressive projects in graphic design, packaging, logo design, art and more.

3. Script Fonts

Script fonts galore! Handwritten script fonts are all the rage on Creative Market, and we love sharing our top fonts with the Pinterest community.

4. Lettering

Up your hand lettering game with a plethora of resources: full-on classes, one-off tutorials, plus a handful of tips and tricks.

5. DIY Projects

Crafty DIY Projects are at the core of what makes Pinterest such a practical resource for creatives. Follow this board for unique and beautiful DIY ideas.

Ready to Shop?

Our team has got quite a knack for handpicking gems from the marketplace. Below, we’ve put together some exciting products for you to explore.

Free lettering worksheets

Download now!


Download now!

Getting started with hand lettering?

Download these worksheets and start practicing with simple instructions and tracing exercises.


  1. Wow! Finally you guys are on Pinterest. Followed! Looking forward to your pins.

  2. What the widget says for me is "Enter Your Promo Code." Nowhere to enter my username. It literally says, and I have this open in another window and I'm copying and pasting, "Enter your promo code below:" a white box says Enter Code, with a green button below that says Redeem Now. That's what I get to when I press the green button above on this page that says Redeem Your Promo Code! I've tried it a few times, so either the instructions aren't clear, or I'm seeing something different than you are. Nowhere am I seeing Follow or anything about entering my username.

  3. I got my code then when I purchased an item it didnt give me a chance to enter it so I ended up paying full price?

  4. It was in the same window of "Follow Creative Market on Pinterest and Get 15% Off Your Next Purchase" in a green area that looked like a button

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