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Free Goods of the Week: August 11th, 2014

Matt Borchert March 31, 2021 · 2 min read
We’re working hard to make Creative Market the world’s best marketplace to buy creative digital goods. Even if you’re not ready to buy something though, you can still enjoy the site. We give away not just one, but six free goods every single week! This weekly blog series from Matt Borchert will walk you through each weekly free good so you can get a good idea of what you’ll be getting before you download anything.

Free Goods Video Walkthrough

Free Goods This Week

Stop by our Free Goods page to download all of this week’s great freebies. Keep in mind that these premium goods are free this week only and will return to their normal prices soon!

8 Hero images for website

Chain Shield & Badges

Sketchnote Dingbats

Vintage Floral Photoshop Brush Set

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Geometry background

Earn Money By Sharing Our Free Goods

Odds are, if you love our free goods, so will your friends. If you sign up for our Partner Program and share our free goods on social media every week, you’ll likely refer tons of your followers. So how does this make you money? You’ll earn 10% of every purchase for an entire year from all new customers you refer to Creative Market using your Partner URL! How cool is that?
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  • thank you 8 years ago
  • This is the first time I watched the free goods walkthrough video, and it's great! Please keep doing them! It gives so much more value to the free goods, since I usually don't know how to use one or two of them! 8 years ago
  • Thanks much @Rachid Aitouaissi, and I'm glad you find these helpful @Kimberly Hwang =) 8 years ago
  • Just to let you all know, i think you got the wrong image for the Vintage Floral Photoshop Brush Set... 8 years ago
  • Hey @Matt Borchert, do you know how I can swap out the image under Vintage Floral Photoshop Brush Set? Someone messaged me about being disappointed that they weren't getting a free set of logos. :) 8 years ago
  • I'll send Josh an e-mail here quick to let him know, since he handles that aspect @Callie Hegstrom =) 8 years ago
  • @Jalen Davenport @Callie Hegstrom @Matt Borchert Sorry about that guys. All better now! 8 years ago