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20 Creepy Fonts for Your Spooky Design Needs

Igor Ovsyannykov September 22, 2022 · 6 min read

Just because Chiller is outdated and tacky doesn’t mean that you have no options left for Halloween fonts.
Many brands offer Halloween promos even if their products and services have nothing to do with the season. This marketing approach has been highly effective for years. It’s a way to take advantage of the season’s mood and influence consumers to buy what you’re offering.
Some of you may also be commissioned to create party posters or invites, or create thematic materials for Halloween parties. This is where Halloween fonts can also prove to be useful.
Now, some of you may be tempted to create your own fonts. If you want a personal look without making the entire process time-consuming, below are 20 creepy fonts that would be perfect for your Halloween designs. Just browse through these designs and imagine them as part of your work.

1. Atorak

Atorak is a brush font, but it’s not just your usual crafty and homey style that’s almost always apparent in handwritten fonts. Somehow, its grainy look makes it seem like it was written with an ominous air hanging around, making it perfect in summoning those Halloween feels.

2. Morracle

Another hand drawn brush font, Morracle, sets off quite an eerie look when used. It’s interesting, as it looks like those handwritten notes you would often see in murder mysteries or tragic love stories where the end is often bloody and sadistic — the type of story that leaves you sleepless for days.

3. Zombie Dust

No, the zombie craze is not over yet that even the font design world is still creating quite a few gems perfect for the trend. Zombie Dust is one such font design, a handmade brush pen font that can keep you looking behind your shoulders as you watch out for walkers.

4. Endless Sorrow

Endless Sorrow may not have the spine-tingling appeal that the others on this list automatically gives you. But its charm does bring about that odd Tim Burton feel, still making it a great choice for Halloween, especially if you want to play around with wide-eyed characters and hollow eyes.

5. Halloween Font

There’s no hiding the fact of its eerie effect from the name alone. With horns on the letter tips and dripping blood at the bottom, it’s as scary as you need it for the season.

6. Okami

You can’t exactly describe Okami as scary. However, the roughness of this hand drawn brush font could remind you of those role playing games where zombies, aliens, or other scary entities suddenly attack you from random corners, so it gives you an even bigger chill.

7. Upjohn

Upjohn takes you back to old horror movies with its spooky, quivery effect. It has both clean and rough versions, so you can play with it and mix it with your spooky Halloween designs any way you want it.

8. Black Sheperd

Skeletons are the perfect props for Halloween, and bones form great letters! That’s why Black Sheperd is going to be a great hit for Halloween season, especially when you use this font on event invites, posters, and all other spooky designs.

9. Savath

Described by the creator as a “deadly typeface”, Savath reminds you of old horror movies. It’s enough to keep you on your toes as you expect psycho killers in shower stalls and monsters lurking behind windows.

10. Wildwood

Wildwood definitely gives off an adventurous vibe with its carefree brush style. But then again, adventures, especially in the middle of the woods, can turn into horrifying experiences.

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11. Dreadful

The name itself is a warning of the sensation that the Dreadful font can bring. This layered typeface is something you’d expect to see in cemeteries or in mad scientist labs, so you get the picture.

12. Mukadua Font Duo

Mukadua, when translated, means two-face. This perfectly describes this font duo, which works perfectly for light and innocent designs, but works even better in darker and more sinister settings.

13. Herald

Herald is a bouncy serif font, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun, fun, fun. It also works perfectly in mystical, mysterious, and somehow fiendish settings, making it a perfect choice for the not so faraway Halloween party season.

14. Dark Widow

Another dark typeface, the Dark Window is enough to send shivers up and down your audience’s spine. Use it for anything scary, diabolical, and vicious and you’re sure to get the reactions you want.

15. Another Danger

The unruly ink used in Another Danger makes the style match what the name actually means. It’s dark and dangerous, easily reminding you of serial killers and mass murderers on the loose, keeping you extra alert everywhere you go.

16. Motor City

Motor City gives you that same sensation you feel when you enter a ghost town. You’re going to have to look around to make sure that none of its spooky residents are plotting something evil around you.

17. Spooky Society

Spooky Society is a ghoulish yet playful all-caps Bitmap SVG font with a built-in speckly texture. Included in this font is a solid version of the typeface and the fun, Halloween-inspired doodles you see in the preview!

18. Story Brush

Story Brush may look like it’s perfect for a grunge design, but that’s not the only thing it’s good for. Seeing the reckless way each stroke was made, it’s apparent that this font is perfect for scary, sinister, and mysterious designs as well.

19. Covenant

Covenant is reminiscent of those threats you see on walls written in blood whenever a sinister plot is underway. With those long and reckless strokes, you’ll start to wonder: is that ink…or blood?

20. Deathgrin

Deathgrin may only come in capital letters, but that adds even more emphasis to the horrors that this design may bring. If anything, the name actually describes what it can make you feel – death grinning right at you.
If you feel that your Halloween designs can use that authentic creepy and mysterious feel, any of these fonts listed above can deliver exactly that.

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