How to Market Your Web Design Business: Experts Weigh In

By on Mar 12, 2020 in Tutorials
How to Market Your Web Design Business: Experts Weigh In

The idea of starting your web design business can be overwhelming. There are many elements to consider and questions you may ask yourself as you get started. Do you have enough design products? Is your brand identity appealing to your clients? How will you advertise to your target audience? With the many tools and techniques available to market your business, all of these questions can be solved!

To ease the process of getting your web design business off the ground, we asked a few experts to weigh in on helpful tips and techniques that have brought their businesses success. Here’s what they had to say:


From designers creating the next generation of web and mobile experiences to anyone managing their own online presence for the first time, Visualmodo provides elegant solutions that set new standards for online publishing. We build WordPress Themes for any site purpose!

Bundle Products

"One of our favorite techniques for marketing our business is using bundles to draw in customers. It’s more enticing for the customer to purchase a bundle of 10 WordPress themes for $99 than it is to purchase one product for $59. As a result, you'll generate more interest from the customer and potentially increased sales. For example, our premium WordPress Theme bundle includes 39 themes. We find that this bundled product has 10x more clicks than individual theme products. The conversion rates are bigger as well."

Create Branded Content

"Once we launched our suite of products, we created branded content such as video, tutorials, and tips and techniques explaining how to use them. Creating this type of content as a supplement to your products will make potential customers more confident in the product's functions, features, and use case. As a result, you’ll gain customer trust. A good example of this practice is our blog where we post new articles every day. In addition, we have a YouTube channel where we post updated content on a weekly basis. Here's an example of one that represents our Rare - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

Product documentation can take your new product the extra mile. If you want to boost your shop and product sales, we suggest that you start writing about your products, share real examples of its usage and most importantly, share how great your work is!"

Visual Generation

Design studio based in Canada. 10+ years of experience. We create visual stories for your business. Illustrations, UI, infographics, icons and more.

Conduct Research

"Our creative process begins by doing cycles of research. First, we research Design Trends, since design products should be useful, current, and on-trend.  We check the vector illustrations field and related design areas, such as graphic and product design. After completing this research, we are able to create a style of illustration that is appealing to designers that’s also in a format they are likely looking for. For example, our 'Metaphors' series – which contains minimalistic, mobile screen-friendly colorful scenes that can be easily animated- was inspired by the recent trend of incorporating illustrations into app design to make it more playful."

Understand Your Customers

"In our opinion, the best-selling designs require little to no modifications from our buyer. We understand that designers work on projects in a variety of fields. Therefore, we have an extended concept illustration library. This is the reason why we dive deep into researching and analyzing various upcoming technologies in business, healthcare, marketing, etc. The more relevant our images are to a customer’s needs; the fewer adjustments designers have to make. This makes our products more appealing."

Understand Your Competition

"We take time to analyze the similar types of products that are currently in the market. First to understand if this niche is oversaturated or not, second to find the approach to stand out. The technique can be as simple as going through your main keywords and seeing how relevant the content is and how many results we get in search. On Creative Market we started with our second type of product - vector icon sets. In 2016 there was a very good niche for this type of content and it proved itself to be very successful."


Craftwork is a small team of designers and front-end developers. We create digital products that will make your work faster and easier.

Post on Social Media

"The development of social media accounts, such as Dribbble or Instagram, is one of the quickest and simplest ways to sell your product. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to invite audience feedback. In today's world, it's especially important to have a content calendar and schedule posts. Social networks like Instagram have an algorithm that favors regularity, so it is extremely important to maintain the effect of constant presence and activity. The optimal publication frequency is at least 1 post per day. Keep track of what you publish and how attractively this reflects the essence of your product. There is no point in your high activity if the visual part of the shots is low."

Form Partnerships

"Another effective way to attract potential customers to your site is to form partnerships with other brands. For example, you can form a partnership around the opportunity to be mentioned in an email newsletter such as Sketch or Figma. Any strong player that has once presented your product as a useful tool gives rise to a chain of recommendations from other users. This is helpful for increasing your audience and level of trust. The most important thing is to prove yourself well and create products worthy of recommendations and mentions by larger brands."

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