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How to Showcase Your Work and Get Noticed

Maryam Taheri March 31, 2021 · 4 min read

Have you ever wondered why some designers are so successful? Certain designers are incredibly skilled at showcasing their work and skills through channels like online portfolios and blogs, making them stand out from the crowd. If you want to gain recognition for your work and build a larger client base, you need to do an excellent job of branding yourself and your business.
Check out these simple tips to help you get your creations and work noticed:

Connect with Design Blogs

Many design blogs have a large audience who avidly share, re-tweet, and post about  articles they find interesting. If you can tap into the community of a design blog you will gain a larger fan base and potential clients. The key is finding a variety of design blogs that match your creative style and connecting with them through a variety of channels in the hopes that they will showcase your work.

  • Use Twitter: Bloggers frequently tweet about their favorite designers, and post their articles on Twitter. Make sure you have a twitter account, and that you regularly post images of your designs and creations. Use sites like WeFollow to find influencers in the design community and design bloggers to interact with on Twitter. Once you’ve found influential people in your sphere tweet them pictures of your work and include links to your online portfolio and profiles.
  • Offer to Guest Post: One thing that will make you stand out from the crowd is offering to guest post for their site in exchange for featuring your work. For example, you could write a tutorial for something cool in Photoshop and share it with their audience.
  • Be Personal: Write a personal email to each blog that showcases how your work will connect with their audience. You don’t want to get called out for sending an impersonal email that just looks like you’ve copied and pasted a million different times. People will think you’re spamming them and won’t see the value of your work.
  • Follow Submission Guidelines: Every website has specific guidelines for submitting your work to be featured. Make sure you read and follow the guidelines accurately, because this makes it easier for blogs to feature your work.
  • Check out some of these design blogs: Toxel , SoBadSoGood, SixRevisions, Smashing Magazine, United PixelWorkers, DesignWorkLife, CreativeBloq, Design Sponge, Pokkisam, Pondly, and Demilked.

Create an Awesome Online Portfolio

Dunked is a fabulous website that allows anyone to create an online portfolio that is completely unique and tailored to suit your needs. You can get your online portfolio up and running in minutes with Dunked‘s free and easy to use service.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 2.42.16 PMHaving an online portfolio is the best way to showcase your work to the design community. You can point people to your Dunked online portfolio that features responsive design, so it will look great no matter which device they are using. All you have to do is sign up to get started, and you can save time and hassle because you don’t need any coding skills to create a stunning and beautifully designed portfolio to showcase your work. Once you’ve signed up, Dunked walks you through the set up of your portfolio, where all you have to do is select certain elements that you customize to your specific style – there’s even advanced CSS editing.

Check out some of these awesome portfolios to see how you can showcase your work:

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.41.42 PMMarc Burmich on Dunked

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.44.33 PMAndre Villanueva on Dunked

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.45.52 PMWilliam Orrock on Dunked

Be a Specialist

Do one thing really really well. When you can do a certain design task, like WordPress theme development, really well you can become well-known in that sphere. By focusing on a specific set of skills you’ll develop a reputation for being a specialist in that area. When a client comes looking for the specific skill you offer, you’ll have more credibility than a person who isn’t known in that industry. You can choose to specifically focus on a certain type of project like WordPress themes or you can focus on something larger like building brand identities for companies. Either way, make sure you have a specific vision and brand that showcases who you are and what you do in a clear concise manner so people understand the skills you bring to the table.

Offer Freebies

Do you create cool icon packs or have a new font you just created? If so, why not consider offering something for free as an incentive to check out your work. If people really like it, they may come back for any other goods you’re selling or for your design services. You could even offer a free service that is something basic and deals with design. Be creative, offer a free business card design with certain services. You’ll see the customers pouring in!

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  • Not a fan of Dunked, it was really slow and laggy when I tried it out. The User Interface could use a lot of work as well, they should really focus on workflow and ui enhancement for their next version release. I was expecting something a bit more spectacular when they were letting everyone signup for beta. I was disappointed to login for the first time, only to be greeted by a lackluster dashboard. I was expecting something a bit more cutting-edge. 9 years ago
  • @Derek Stevenson strange, I haven't noticed any of the issues you mention. I've found it to be a great code-free way to get a beautiful portfolio online, without having to mess with tumblr/wordpress, which is perfect for my wife :) 9 years ago
  • @Derek Stevenson That's strange you should find the system slow or laggy as the servers have been performing remarkably well. Perhaps you took it for a test drive when we were allowing folk to activate reserved accounts. I think we clocked new accounts being created every 5 seconds at that time which could have attributed to any lag you may have experienced. As for workflow and UI enhancements, do you have any specific suggestions? We're definitely open to feedback on how to improve. In regard to cutting-edge, do you feel like something specific was missing which would have made managing your work simpler? Orman - Dunked Founder 9 years ago
  • @Orman Clark I'll take you up on that offer and give it another go, perhaps I was experiencing slow performance due to the number of accounts being created. In regards to the UI & workflow, I think it would have been a good idea to utilize categories inconjunction with tags, or perhaps even utilize virtual folders for more control over organization of projects. Personally, I didn't like the thought of "create a project" as the first option after you sign-in was a good idea. I think from a usability standpoint, perhaps choosing a theme would have been a better choice for first time users. That way they can get an idea of what their portfolio site is going to look like, which in result, gives them a better idea of how they should present their screenshots. When creating a project, users should have the ability to upload / drag & drop multiple images instead of having to do it one by one. It's a bit too time consuming to have to do this for each one of your images. Should have the ability to edit and create custom fields for project images. For example, Role and Client fields will not make sense for someone who is coming out of college looking to build a resume portfolio site. In regards to the esthetics and design of the UI, it's a matter of preference and taste. I under stand your branding is generally clean and minimalist designs and it's probably best to keep it that way. I was expecting a bit more cutting-edge technology, such as more drag and drop functionality, perhaps even the ability to preview and edit your site on the fly without using the control panel. Also, I didn't notice an area for analytics / adding your own UA code to the your personalized sub domain. That would be a good option to add. That's really all I had at the moment. I'll give it another go perhaps sometime this evening and checkout the speed. 9 years ago
  • @Derek Stevenson Thanks for taking the time to note some of your first impressions, it's super helpful for us, especially as some of what you think is missing is already included - perhaps we're not doing a good enough job of making it apparent. You can already upload (or use drag-to-upload) multiple images at the same time. There's no need to do it one by one. Most of the app administration is also drag and drop i.e. project/page/media ordering. Custom fields is an interesting one, we'll have a think about that. As it currently stands all fields are optional, so there's no need to fill in anything which is irrelevant to you. Analytics and custom domains are on the "list" and will be making an appearance very soon. One again, thanks for the feedback. I'm sure we'll get better as we progress, at just 3 weeks old we've got plenty of learning ahead of us. 9 years ago
  • @Orman Clark Not a problem, I like beta testing these types of things. I do it all the time at my full time job and I've worked on a lot of UI and workflow projects for ESP platforms and also data purchasing platforms. You hit the nail on the head by saying "perhaps we're not doing a good enough job of making it apparent." I didn't know that these features existed when I first logged in. I seen "create a project > upload image" I had no idea I could upload multiple images all at the same time. The issue is that our ape brains see little boxes and we immediately go "oh, i have to upload my image here" - perhaps instead of us assuming this is what needs to happen, you give a kick by giving us a hint that not only can you upload one image, but you can also upload multiple images by clicking "here". Of course this is just an example, but I've worked on UI & Workflow projects where the goal was to improve usage of a specific operation within the application by x amount of seconds, which results in the company saving X amount of hours by adjusting a few operations. Anyways, I'm just blabbing but either way, good job with the application. I guess I'm a bit picky when it comes to these types of start-ups. I'm still trying to get use to CreativeMarket :) Goodluck and I'll give it another go later this evening. 9 years ago
  • Truly very needy idea you shared with me. You inspiring me very much. I think after getting your idea now i can showcase my work !! 9 years ago
  • Wow, this is an amazing idea. I´m going to create my portafolio with this for sure. Thank you so much!! 9 years ago
  • @Orman Clark, I signed up for Dunked yesterday, love it already! I know you guys are still rolling it out, thought I would ask ya a few quick questions looking ahead: 1. Do you think it will have the option to use your own domain? 2. Will there a way to pay to remove the 'Powered by Dunked?' 3. Will there be a way to add more projects? I am looking to use Dunked to replace my Wordpress site and like it way better than the UI and layout of Behance. Thank you! 9 years ago
  • i tried using dunked, and first of all i got to say it a very well designed & polished portfolio CMS and easy to use. my main issue was that u can't really mess the looks of your portfolio as easily as with cargo i couldn't change the thumbnail sizes cause it all "hard coded" in the java script i really wish i could have better control but other then that it great cant wait for more templates :) 9 years ago
  • @Orman Clark, Oh! ...and one more question / request: Google Analytics. 8 ) 9 years ago
  • +1 @JR Harrell questions :-) 9 years ago
  • oh, plus: is it possible to upload SWF files to show minisites/banners made in flash? or am i supposed to upload them elsewhere and only embed the link? 9 years ago
  • @JR Harrell Thanks for giving us a whirl! To answer your questions... 1. Yes. It's coming. It's right at the top of the todo list. 2. Yes. There will be a way to remove the link in the very near future. 3. Yes. There will definitely be options for more projects/pages/images. 4. Analytics is also on the list :) If you have any suggestions, just let us know. 9 years ago
  • @Orman Clark Perfectos! Planning on starting my migration over to Dunked within the next week. Thanks! 9 years ago
  • @graphicool We don't allow embedding of SWF files just yet, but we'll certainly have a discussion around it. You can as you already mentioned upload them to either Vimeo/Youtube and embed those into Dunked. 9 years ago
  • It is really great site, easy to use and great way to get a beautiful portfolio without going into the codes ;). I haven't noticed any problems with the site, it is very easy to use. Congrats! 9 years ago
  • Yeah! I´ve got my Dunked portfolio. I´m very happy with the result :) 9 years ago
  • I am loving Dunked, so simple and great customisable features, what more do you need, can I ask though @Orman Clark is there a possibility of an app in the future or to be a better image for when I am saving my portfolio to my phone the icon is just of the page, is there anyway it could be my logo or just of the dunked logo so it can be instantly recognisable, apart from that great work!! 9 years ago
  • @Mia Charro Can you post the link to your portfolio? Would love to see how it turned out! I am working away on mine right now: 9 years ago
  • @JR Harrell Of course! I love dunked because its simplicity :) 9 years ago
  • @Mia Charro Love your portfolio! This batch is my favorite: 9 years ago
  • @JR Harrell Thank you! That´s a children illustrated book. You have really nice staff too. Very clean and intuitive :) 9 years ago
  • it is not free....10 days trial... 7 years ago