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iOS 7 Flat Icons Reimagined

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Last Fall, Apple CEO Tim Cook fired long-time iOS manager Scott Forstall ending an era of skeuomorphism as it relates to software at Apple. Jony Ive took over as designer of all things and shortly after the org change, rumors spilled out of Cupertino that Apple was going flat. This news made the fanboys overzealous in anticipation for what Apple could bring to the table with the simple, minimal, flat design trend. After all, for more than a decade both Google and Microsoft were known as design pariahs, and then they went flat and out of nowhere and became examples of beautiful design patterns. Designs were emulated and modified all over Dribbble, Behance and other designer hangouts. It became apparent that the world was going flat.
Two weeks ago, news came that confirmed the rumors were true. Apple announced the brand new look and feel for the brand new iOS 7. Unfortunately, instead of receiving a warm welcome, it seems that many in the design community are kind of bummed with the execution of Apple’s not so flat, non-consistant, neon art direction.
Given the reaction, we of course started to wonder, what it would look like if some of our amazing shop owners had a hand in this new design direction for iOS 7? We thought it would be fun to see in action, so we went through the marketplace and picked out a few icon sets priced under $20, any of which would make a beautiful addition to the new iOS design.

Flatties – Flat Style Icon Set by UI Parade ~ $8


Epic Flat 450+ icon set by EpicShop ~ $10


Circle Icons Full Pack by Martz90 Shop ~ $5


Other Circles by Other Planet ~ $4


Lino Icon Set by Fine Goods ~ $20

What do you guys think of Apple’s new flat look? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Apple should totally have customized flat icons. Fantastic idea. 9 years ago
  • Meh, I don't like the idea of flat icons because it reminds me of Windows 8. 9 years ago
  • Flatties is the only one that has personality and "funness", which is the core of Apple's design in a way. 9 years ago
  • I like the Lino set. Maybe you can pop in a photo of the current iOS 7 home screen for comparison? I'm sure a lot of it will change before launch. 9 years ago
  • @Charles Patterson The current iOS 7 home screen screenshot is linked in the article: 9 years ago
  • I'm not really feeling Apple's neon. I just think there's too much neon going around. It's not 1985 anymore, and it just needs to be pulled back a little bit. That being said Flatties and Lino are the only two in this list that I think could work. Epic Flat is a nice runner up too. Other Circles is really harsh on the eyes - imagine that on a smaller screen and for people who are having trouble seeing. Circle Icons just looks like revamp of the Metro style used by Windows, which would make Apple look like they can't come up with something unique. Just my thoughts. 9 years ago
  • Apple FTW 9 years ago
  • Apple should read this blog post. 9 years ago
  • Working on a way to bring a full flat interface to iOS 6 featuring some flat products from Creative Market. 9 years ago
  • I actually like Apples new flat and neon icons ... I didn't think I would. My favorite CM collection is Flatties by UI Parade! Very colorful and fun! Thanks. 9 years ago
  • I really like Epic Flat! Other Circles reminds me of O2's style :/ I'm also trying hard to get used to ios7, I just can't! Looks very.. immature? 9 years ago