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It's Official: Pantone Has Chosen The Top 10 Colors For Fall

By on May 2, 2016 in Design Trends
It's Official: Pantone Has Chosen The Top 10 Colors For Fall

If you're a fashion-forward kind of person like me, then you're always aware of what's hip and hot for the coming seasons. That's why when Pantone released their Top 10 Colors for Fall 2016, I had already put aside clothes in those shades, because I want to be ahead of the curve. And obviously I'm very fashionable, because I only wear T-shirts and whatever shorts will cover my knees without making me look like I'm wearing JNCOs.




OK, so obviously I'm not a fashionista. But Pantone has people that are, and they've put everything together in anticipation of what we'll see on the runways in coming months. Per WWD:

Building on the soothing colors that surfaced in the spring Pantone palette, the fall forecast also leans toward more muted ones that are meant to create a transporting and transformative canvas, according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.




But one of the more interesting reasons why these particular colors were picked comes down to stress:

Eiseman explained, “With all the angst that’s out there in the ether and in the world around us, there is a need for more calming colors.”





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  1. melissa.edwards

    The Bodacious, Taupe and Airy Blue are giving me horrible flashbacks to my mom's country chic in the late 80s and early 90s.

  2. WillowCreekTX

    This seems like a country version of jewel tones. I work in the wedding industry and I am interested to see if the trend will follow.

  3. hollie.bethany

    @Julie Gilson Create swatch then type in the hex number save then can create a swatch group and put the saved swatches in it and save the group.
    Or look around there may be people that already did it and have posted it to be downloaded sorry rendering from hell right now so can't do it for you.

  4. suburbian

    I understand this is a way for Pantone to remain visible to the rest of the world - but I never really find these helpful. They state the colors of the seasons but the trend rarely seems to follow. And for graphic design/web design - I find it more helpful to actually ignore these and really work with a design that is timeless.

  5. isodisc

    I've always been mystified by their "official" word as the self-anointed expert on color palettes. And we care what Pantone dictates... why? This is total presumptuous nonsense in my mind. Fact is: some of their choices have been abhorrently out of touch or mostly irrelevant as to my way of thinking, which isn't to suggest they don't "know" color. Millions of colors, and Pantone dictates 10 – really? I think not!

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