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Join Creative Market's Presidential Sketch Week and Win Excellent Prizes

Kelley Johnson March 31, 2021 · 3 min read

For those in our community who are sitting Stateside, there’s a holiday coming up on Monday. It’s an ode to our forefathers and a day full of patriotic celebrations. This Monday, we observe Presidents’ Day.
Here at Creative Market, we’ve decided to mark the holiday with one of our all time favorite things, a sketch contest! This competition is going to be a blast, no matter what country you call home. Read on for more details.

How to Enter

Unlike our previous Creative Market Sketch Week Challenge, this sketch contest will have a theme. Surprise, surprise, that theme happens to be “presidential”. We’re challenging you to create a sketch of one of your favorite U.S. presidents. What exactly that means is open to interpretation.

Your sketch can be more literal:

Illustration by Gerren Lamson.
Theodore Roosevelt illustration by Ken Weaver. Font, “Goodbye November” by Inksun. aksara
Abraham Lincoln illustration by Ken Weaver. Flag graphic by GhostlyPixels

It can be fun, metaphoric, and/or allusionistic:

Thomas Jefferson illustration concept by Ken Weaver. Illustrated by Pixelwise Co. Fire background by Nikolay Sorvalov

It can even be a hand-drawn sketch of one of your favorite presidential quotes:

Illustration by Gerren Lamson.
Illustration by Gerren Lamson.
Not From The U.S.? No problem. Simply choose a current or historical leader from your country, and join the fun!
After you’ve completed your sketch, share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest. Make sure to tag Creative Market, and use the hashtag #SketchAPres to enter the contest. Having a hard time narrowing down your favorite president? Not to worry, you can enter as many times as you’d like! The contest starts today and ends Friday, Feb. 20th, so just make sure to get all of your sketches in by then.
We’ll sort through the entries, choose three of our favorites, and announce the winners on Feb 24th.

What’s the Prize?

There will be a total of three winners:

  • Grand Prize: $200 in Creative Market Credits, a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 (ICS2), a one-year Pro membership to SketchBook, a Creative Market t-shirt, and a SketchBook t-shirt.
  • Second Place: $100 in Creative Market Credits, a one-year Pro membership to SketchBook, a Creative Market t-shirt, and a SketchBook t-shirt.
  • Third Place: $50 in Creative Market Credits, a one-year Pro membership to SketchBook, a Creative Market t-shirt, and a SketchBook t-shirt.

You’ve heard us rave about SketchBook in the past; it really is a must have for any and every sketch artist. The ICS2 is the super delicious icing on an already delectable cake, as it makes the SketchBook app even more powerful on mobile devices (and it’s just an all around blast to draw with). Add in all of that swag and piles of Creative Market cash, and who wouldn’t want to join in the sketch contest fun?

We know how much you folks love sketching, and we can’t wait to see the creative ideas you come up with. The contest starts now, so sharpen those pencils, grab that stylus, uncap those pens… and away we go!

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