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Made With Creative Market: Design Tinctures

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 2 min read
We love seeing what folks are creating with the assets they purchase from the talented shop owners here at Creative Market. In fact, we’ve created an entire Made With Creative Market gallery where you can share what you (or what your buyers) are making with products from Creative Market. This week, our Creative Director Gerren Lamson shares a little project he made using this week’s Free Goods.

Let the Free Goods Experiment Begin!

This week, I took a look at the Free Goods of the Week, and thought that four of them looked like they needed to come together for an experiment! Those four free goods are still available until the end of the day on Sunday, September 20th, and they are the following:

These free goods are all vector files and have a crafted, handmade look. When I saw the bottles in Bottler Design Kit, it me like a ton of bricks.
What if there were vintage tinctures that made you a better designer?

Design Tinctures FTW

So, that’s exactly what I made. And, I didn’t stop at just one tincture. Thanks to Noah and Kelley, I had enough copy fodder to make three!
Here’s some insight into how I cobbled together and used the free goods to pull off this experiment:
  • I picked my 3 favorite bottles from Bottler Design Kit and did some vector surgery to remove the banners in order to make them complete shapes.
  • I set the typography using these three of the variations from Rude Cookie Type: Blok, Quick and Brush.
  • Next, I found an object or two from Logo Elements to drop onto the labels.
  • Then, I sprinkled in flourishes that are extras from the Rude Cookie Font Layer product.
  • Lastly, I dropped in textures from Shy Guy Texture Pack, and some of my own custom raster textures, to finish the look.
Enjoy! design-tinctures-individuals-1
design-tinctures-individuals-2B design-tinctures-individuals-3

Show us What You’ve Made

Have you created something awesome with Creative Market assets? Head over to Made With Creative Market and submit your work by clicking the “Share What You’ve Made” button the left hand side. If you’d like us to feature your Made With Creative Market work in a blog post, just leave us a note with your submission, and we’ll contact you if we think it’s a good fit.
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