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20 Seamless Marble Texture Sets for Your Design Toolbox

Igor Ovsyannykov April 16, 2024 · 7 min read

A beautiful, smooth marble texture used as a background is the way to go if you want something that is fresh, eye-catching, and versatile. As a designer, it’s important to have a go-to toolbox packed with multipurpose and unique tools to improve your design project further and make your work easier. Among the best, in terms of background, are marble textures. Their sharp, detailed designs work well with various design concepts – from printed posters to personal blogs. There are tons of marble textures available online, so we’ve scoured the internet for nifty, gorgeous sets for you. Each one of these bundles can help you complete whatever design project you have that requires a beautiful background. Sure, you can make your own marble textures. But, if you want something that can help you save time, money and resources, choosing one of the bundles below is highly recommended. Let’s face it. At this time and age when practically everyone can design anything, it’s important you use all the tools available to you to stand out from the competition. With these pre-made marble textures, you can guarantee your design will be second to none. They are crisp, detailed, sleek and versatile enough to be used in various ways. They can be customized to create a luxurious packaging gift box, a Save-the-Date invite, a marble-designed pair of Yoga pants, marble jewelry, and so on. Each pack is also available for instant purchase and download. This means that in mere minutes, you can have all the marble textures you need to complete your work. The key to using marble as a background is subtlety. Because the texture already imposes a visual draw through its “veins,†it’s important for you to be mindful of all the elements in your composition. With marble textures, your aim should be brilliant, and should not depict overkill. With the marble bundles below, you’ll have enough resources to ensure you can enhance your project through the lovely veins and swirls of each backdrop. 1. Marblewash Textures

Designed by Paperwash, the Marblewash Textures pack includes ten marbled paper textures in muted color palettes. The designs are inspired from the flyleaf of vintage books. Marblewash is perfect for business cards, wedding invitations, greetings cards, and posters.

2. Suminagashi Marble Textures

Designed by Tugcu Design Co., this Suminagashi Marble Textures collection includes 20 unique textures and 20 inverted versions of the marble textures in hi-res JPG format. The set is perfect as a backdrop for texts and logos. They are also great for any packaging project designs.

3. Sapphire Modern Marble Ink Textures

Designed by Fox & Bear, the Sapphire Modern Marble pack includes 25 hi-res marble ink textures as JPGs. The collection shows lovely gradients with a contemporary color palette. The design works perfectly for stationery and scrapbook projects, posters, cards, invitations, flyers, web graphics and mobile designs.

4. Marble Paint Textures

Designed by Tony Craig, the Marble Paint Textures collection includes 21 various images in hi-res JPG format. The handmade design displays multicolored papers that are ideal for background or wallpaper images.

5. Marble Painting Textures

Designed by Dreamstale, the Marble Painting Textures pack contains 50 hi-res, JPG-format marbling textures. Each texture is painted one by one with water, which created its unique shapes and colors. The pack is ideal for any design project.

6.100 Marbled Textures

Designed by HolaHolga, this 100 Marbled Textures collection contains 103 gorgeous marble textures divided into three sets: watercolor set, watercolor splashes, and watercolor backgrounds. The pack is ideal for print templates like scrapbooks, invitations, tags, paper crafts, wedding invitations and paper bags. They are also great as web or desktop wallpapers, mobile designs, Facebook covers, YouTube and Twitter backgrounds.

7. Colorful Marble Textures

Designed by Favete Art, this Colorful Marble Textures pack includes 86 hi-res marble textures in JPG format. All designs are created using a special oil paint and water mixture and colorful papers. The pack is best for business cards, invitations, posters and web backgrounds.

8. Hand-Made Marble Textures

Designed by Dreamstale, the Hand-Made Marble Textures collection includes 45 gorgeous marbled backgrounds in JPG format. Each design is painted on water, then individually scanned and edited. The pack is great for scrapbook projects and invitation cards.

9. 20 Marble Textures

Designed by Uldea, the 20 Marble Textures set includes 20 flawless textures in hi-res JPG format. The collection is ideal for wedding stationeries, business cards, posters, web design, packaging, and postcards.

10. Pastel Marble Textures

Designed by Blue Line Design, the Pastel Marble Textures set includes 25 hi-res textures in pastel colors. The pack is great for any texture/background design project in need of a touch of charm and romance.

11. 30 Marble Textures

Designed by RuleByArt, the 30 Marble Textures pack includes 10 fully editable Photoshop template files and 20 transparent textures in PNG format. Each gradient layer style is easy to customize for personal use. The pack is ideal for web background projects, posters and the like.

12. 15 Authentic Marbled Paper Textures

Designed by Black Label Supply Co., the 15 Authentic Marbled Paper Textures set includes 15 unique, hi-res textures in JPG format. All designs are inspired by classic books. The highly detailed designs are great for creating an upscale look for different design projects.

13. Marble Textures Digital Paper Pack

Designed by Lef, this Marble Textures Digital Paper Pack includes 10 JPG files in 600 DPI and 10 JPG files in 300 DPI. Each design is handmade using a special ink adopting the Suminagashi way. The pack is great for any background design project.

14. Suminagashi Paper Textures

Designed by Dreamstale, the Suminagashi Paper Textures set contains 30 handcrafted suminagashi marble textures. Each design is unique, detailed and crafted with love. The pack is ideal for invitation cards, scrapbooking projects, and print design projects.

15. Marbled Paper Textures

Designed by Mog Magpie, the Marbled Paper Textures set contains eight unique, hi-res marbled paper textures in JPG format. Each texture is ideal for wedding stationery, personal blogs, and social media graphics.

16. Marble Abstract Texture

Designed by Risovanya, the Marble Abstract Texture pack contains 100 different marble abstract textures in JPG format. All elements of the pack are hand-drawn. The collection is ideal for any printed and web design projects.

17. 30 Hi-Res Marble Background Textures

Designed by Texture Hunters, the 30 Hi-Res Marble Texture pack includes 30 detailed and uniquely colored background textures. Each one is ideal for wedding invitations, greeting cards, posters, web design and social media graphics.

18. Abstract Marbling Pack

Designed by The Design Shop of JDSN, this Abstract Marbling Pack includes five super hi-res marbled paint in JPG format. Each design is perfect for texturing posters, magazine covers or album art.

19. Marble Paper Textures

Designed by Pixelwise Co., this Marble Paper Textures collection includes 65 lovely marbled backgrounds. Each design is great for different design projects – from website banners to postcards. The pack also contains several textures suitable for iPhone cases and scarves.

20. Marble Paper Texture Part 1

Designed by Desireelange, this Marble Paper Texture Part 1 collection includes 22 editable patterns. Each background is made using a special ink adopting several marbling techniques. The pack is great for any print design projects.There’s a reason marble textures are still trendy, and that’s because of their versatility. Download any bundle now and enjoy the advantages of using pre-made design elements!
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