Check Out Creative Market on Your Mobile Device

By on May 2, 2016 in Announcements
Check Out Creative Market on Your Mobile Device

We set out to create a community of designers, creators, and makers. Today, that community heads to the small screen! We've been hard at work on the mobile experience of Creative Market so that our community is more accessible than ever. Read on a take a look at what we've done!

Faster Navigation

We designed a simplified, touch-friendly header that gives you quick access to navigate the site. It's easier than ever to jump to your favorite category or search the site.

creative market mobileSave

Simplified Browsing

Across the site, you'll see large, high-quality images that fill the screen as you browse. On product pages, you can simply swipe through the gallery to see more.

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Buy and Sync

If you've connected your Dropbox account, the products you buy from your phone will automatically sync to your account. They'll be ready to use when you need them.

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So grab your phone and take Creative Market on the go. We hope you love it!

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  1. graphicon

    Yes, we are waiting for this......Again Faster than other market place ;)
    but i miss my earning & sales tab :( but i know you guys add this soon :)

    Thank you CM :)

  2. creatifolio
    • Staff

    Yay! I can't wait to check it out - this is what we've been waiting for :)

  3. creativenauts

    Looks awesome! Good job guys! Improving the marketplace all the time! It's awesome!

    Below is my feedback and constructive criticism based off of the amount of mobile app development I've done with my full-time job.

    Some of the UI elements do not work on my phone and probably many others as well. Such as the dots under the carousel elements. The dots are way too small and just to educate you guys, tap targets need to be around 40 pixels with extra padding. You don't want users clicking on the wrong targets because they are too close to one another. There are a lot of tap targets within the mobile site that will cause a bad user experience.

    Also, I noticed on the homepage that some elements are outside of the viewport and as @Vinay Mittal mentioned, there are a few pages where graphics are overlapping for me as well.

    Hope this helps! Good job!

  4. mrcwinn

    @Derek Stevenson thanks for the feedback! The carousel dots now have more generous touch zones. I'll get in touch with you on another item.

    @Vinay Mittal the Partners page isn't linked from the mobile version because we're still working on making some of these pages a great experience. Stay tuned. This is definitely a first step and we're going to keep improving it. :-)

  5. dinosaurstew

    Still working out the bugs? I'm on iPad portrait and a lot of content is getting cut off (including the sidebar on this page). Landscape looks good though. Also have ran into some overlapping elements on product pages.

  6. friskweb

    Hey @Chris Winn, no problem :) BTW: where is my deposit in mobile version? I cannot find it.

  7. mrcwinn

    Hey @friskweb — some of the shop pages and selling tools are desktop-only for the time being. Our focus right now is making browsing and searching a really great experience for people.

  8. FilterGrade

    This is actually fantastic. Can't wait to play around with it! Amazing job and thanks to the entire CreativeMarket team for your constant improvements to the site.

  9. blixa6studios

    Great job on continued improvememts. As a seller it would be very valuable to be able to track sales, customer inquiries from my phone as I was able to before the switch. Now if I travel without my computer for a few days I and my customers face the risk of running into problems w tracking sales and providing service. Perhaps this can become a stand alone app for sellers (like what etsy offers for shop management). As it stands now I am chained to my computer for this kind of business management and customer care. While its great to see a focus on sales experience improvement for customers, there is still lots of room for development in terms of seller's ability to manage their shop and customer relationships.

  10. mrcwinn

    @Amy Stafford I think it's a great idea and we definitely hear you. We've talked about it as a team - just a matter of finding the right time to focus on it and make sure it's done right for shops.

  11. brigat

    I nice surprise this morning! One little tip: insert somewhere the total for the sellers please.
    For the rest...amazing job as usual :)


  12. kriskrix

    yay! It was actually a very pleasant woke me up and I said to myself, 'Oh? is this new?' (that's coming from a loyal customer ;-) )

  13. nathanknight

    Love the layout of the mobile site! For a happy patch in regards to us sellers, is there a way we can get a "view full website" so we can track purchases/payments for the time being? Just an idea.

  14. imchris

    Looks really nice. Exactly what was needed. One thing though, i have a notification green dot icon which will not go away despite checking my notifications. Any idea why this is?

    keep up the amazing work though.

  15. sunnyblossomdesigns

    I know this is an old post but I was wondering if there's a way to view the full images? Like the photos that you can click and scroll on the desktop (to view what all is in the pack). When I click on the photos on the mobile site, nothing happens....just wondering if that will be a feature someday :)

  16. annabellak

    Hi! I see this is an old post, but I'm new to CM. As @Chris Winn says, I can slide through the gallery, which shows the full long images, if there's any, which is great. But on a different mobile, the slide gallery only shows the images cropped to the default rectangle size, hence they can't see what's in the pack, as Kate Goertzen mentioned above. Has anyone experienced this? Any idea what can cause the difference? Thanks. Nice layout anyway :)


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