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Moodboard Series: Print is Not Dead

By on Jun 24, 2020 in Inspiration
Moodboard Series: Print is Not Dead

There's something incomparably charming about holding great design with your hands. No matter how digital our everyday lives get, the tactile experience of a beautifully designed object is simply unique. Multiple studies show that the items we interact with on a sensory level leave a lasting impression, and paper is no exception. Just think about the last time you experienced the printed word: a book, magazine, newspaper, letter, snail mail. Wasn't it particularly memorable? In a way that a website couldn't be?

The three moodboards you'll find below are a celebration of paper, a versatile, enticing medium that remains a source of inspiration for designers all around the world. Check out even more inspiring moodboards in this series here.

Visual Poetry

Featuring an ornate, almost romantic emphasis on words, Visual Poetry is a homage to thoughtfully crafted verses.


HEX Color Palette: #393d3f, #e2dfd3, #f7f1e9, #ede0d7, #c2ac95

Minimal News

Readable, clean, editorial. Minimal News displays tightly gridded typography in all its glory.


HEX Color Palette: #6b7990, #d7e0e8, #eeedeb, #b3b3b3, #181920

Moody Urban

Print can feel contemporary. Inspired by typewriter text and dark hues, Moody Urban is a fresh angle on the printed word.


HEX Color Palette: #cd9e6b, #73694e, #dbdbbd, #888888, #000000

What's your style?

Do any of these seem like the right fit for a project you're working on? Let us know in the comments section below!

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