Most Inspiring Design Podcasts to Tune Into in 2016

By on May 2, 2016 in Inspiration
Most Inspiring Design Podcasts to Tune Into in 2016

The inaugural Creative Market Awards celebrated 2015's best creative products, experiences and tools. Thousands of votes were cast by industry professionals for Most Inspiring Design Podcast. The three chosen — Revision Path for the top prize, Adventures In Design and Design Details for second and third place respectively — challenge and empower listeners.

1. Revision Path

Revision Path, created by entrepreneur Maurice Cherry in 2013, showcases Black creatives and the inspiration that fuels their success. The weekly program's most popular episode? An interview with designer Silas Munro.

"Wow, this is surreal and incredible," said Revision Path. "To my fellow nominees, I'm so glad to walk this path of podcasting with you. I have nothing but respect for you all and what you do.

"To Creative Market, thank you for this incredible recognition. I've put on my own awards event back in the day, so I know the time and effort that goes into something like this. Thank you for showcasing the creative community in such a positive and uplifting way.

"I want to thank my audio engineer RJ Basilio for his tireless editing work, Music Man Dre and Yellow Speaker for the awesome music for the show, the loyal patrons over on our Patreon campaign, our longtime sponsors MailChimp and Hover, and all of the fantastic, talented, brilliant guests who have come on the show. Thank you for your trust, for your candor, and of course for your presence. Oh, and of course, a huge thanks to everyone who voted!

"This award is dedicated to all of the people who tune into our show and listen every week and get inspired. Thank you."

2. Adventures In Design

Adventures In Design's host, Mark Brickey, interviews inspirational designers and illustrators in this morning podcast for creatives. The story behind L.A. design studio DKNG is one of the most popular episodes.

"Not winning is the best an underdog could ever wish for," said Adventures In Design. "Second place means you're better than most but have room for improvement, which is perfectly in sync with the message of Adventures In Design. Thanks to all of our listeners, voters and to the Circle of Trust!"

3. Design Details

Design Details, a must-listen for professionals in the creative arts, premiered in 2015 and generates more than 60,000 weekly downloads. What are some of host Brian Lovin's favorite moments? His interviews with designers Jon Gold and Geoff Teehan.

"We'd like to thank all of our listeners and those who voted for tuning in," said Design Details.

These podcasts for designers were chosen for the Creative Market Awards because they inspired listeners to think deeper about design in 2015.

More Amazing Design Podcasts

We were also honored to have the following shows as our nominees for most inspiring design podcast of the year:

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