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New Feature: Better Dropbox Sync

Creative Market April 9, 2024 · 2 min read

Great news! We’ve made syncing your Creative Market purchases to Dropbox better than ever! We’ve spent a lot of time working personally with Dropbox to make sure the back-end side of this experience is as smooth as possible, so you can bet that your purchases will be synced more quickly and reliably. Additionally, there are some handy front-end additions you’ll see around the site…

Instant Free Goods Sync

We know our weekly Free Goods are the stuff of legend, so we’ve made it easier than ever to add these items right to your Dropbox with built-in sync buttons.

Improved Purchase Sync

We’ve improved the syncing of all purchases across the site and have added the ability to retroactively sync your old purchases.

It’s a Hit!

As soon as we rolled out this update, the positive feedback started pouring in:

Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think.

More to Come

We’re not done yet! We’re committed to integrating Dropbox as seamlessly as possible into Creative Market to make it easier than ever to download and store all of your awesome resources. Stay tuned for more updates.

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