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10 Designers Creating Styled Patterns With Unlikely Objects

Kevin Whipps September 2, 2021 · 5 min read
So there are patterns, and then there are patterns. Sure, you can do the usual thing, which is to create a row of fancy chevrons, a plaid or something like that. And understand that while there’s nothing wrong with that, if you want to stand out, you’ve got to do something different. Really different. What do I mean? Funny you should ask, narrative device, because I have several examples of exactly this. Like, say, 10 of them. Here you go.

Love + Color

I’ll give you a heavy hitter right off the bat with Love + Color. They make patterns out of photographs. That’s right, they take the time to lay out real objects — seashells and fruits, for example — into a pleasing pattern. Do you have any idea how long that would take to do? Point being, this is no easy gig to just whip up in an afternoon. And what’s even cooler? You can just buy them yourself right here on Creative Market. Here’s proof:

Varvara Gorbash

I can’t express how much I love one particular piece of work by Varvara Gorbash. OK, I suppose I can figure out a way to make that happen, because that is my job. So here goes. Pastel goth. Soak that in for a minute. It’s like combining Lisa Frank and emo Tobey Maguire from Spider-Man 3 (minus the horrible acting). I love everything about it, including the name. And considering that you can get it in a pattern? Beautiful. Amazing. It’s so cool that I’m envious. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Wing’s Art Studio

I love the ’80s, but probably for different reasons than you might. After all, I lived through them. I remember going to see The Empire Strikes Back with my dad when I was a kid, and wearing the brightest clothes possible on a regular basis. So it makes sense that I would love patterns like these done by Wing’s Art Studio. See, they get the aesthetic. They’re not just faking it for the views, they’re creating art like it was out of the era, and it’s all repeatable. I want to buy some of their stuff even though I still have no idea when I’ll use it.


Two paragraphs ago I referenced the holy trilogy, so you know that I love space. And when you can take space and make it into a pattern that’s seamless and tileable, well, just take my money. It all makes sense, too. Nebulas, star fields, and other cool space-related bits are natural fits for patterns. And they’re all super affordable? Ugh. I’m going to go broke by the time this article is done.

Melissa Held

While Melissa has a lot of different patterns in her shop, one particular collection stands out: Metallic Geometrics. Now maybe it’s because I have issues trying to reproduce metallic coloring with any decent results, or it could be just because I love gold. But either way, this entire collection of goodies is just perfect. And then she hits me with the Christmas patterns. I mean, a pattern that looks like a holiday sweater? Sold. Take all of my money. I love this stuff.

Gaynor Carradice Designs

We’ve talked about a lot of unique objects and collections so far, and we’re on a roll. But one thing that hasn’t entered the mix yet is anything with a heartbeat. And now, here it is: Patterns with Pugs. Look, the only way this could get any better is if it was with Weiner dogs. I love dogs of all forms though, so if it’s gonna be something, at least it’s a breed as adorable as a pug. Love this.

Bella Love Letters

I have a love/hate relationship with donuts: I hate that I love them. Krispy Kremes just wreck my digestive tract, and while I can do Dunkin Donuts just fine, I can’t do any of their frosted ones or else I’m in the same boat with the Krispy Kremes. But you know what? I’ll eat them all anyway, because I’m a mess of a man that just wants to shovel dough that’s been fried and glazed into my mouth repeatedly. OK, so where was I? Right. Patterns. Bella Love Letters makes this pattern with donuts, and that’s a level of brilliant that I can’t comprehend without growing another lobe on my brain. I hope you agree (about the donuts, not the brain thing).

Digital Art Creations

Plaid has been done before. Both digitally and in real life, we see plaid patterns all over the place. But in my many years floating around, I’ve never once seen neon plaid. And even if it has existed, I’ve never been able to buy it in a pattern before. So you know what? This is new to me, and I think it’s cool as all get out. So there.


I don’t know how much you’ve played around with patterns, but they can be hard to create. When you throw watercolor into the mix, you’ve got a whole other layer of complex that I don’t even want to think about. This pattern pack by Tasiania is done with indigo tones and has lots of details. Oh, and they’re in vector and raster formats, so you can get super flexible with them. Creativity like this makes me a little bit envious.


Living in Phoenix means I see cacti all the time. We have roads named after them. I went to a high school named after one of them. Heck, I’ve even eaten and drank cactus before, so they’re a part of me in a very literal sense. So when I find a pattern named, “Cactus on Acid,” you know I’m going to check that stuff out. And I did. And it’s glorious. And I need to make it mine.
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