Power Up Your Purchases With Our New Standard and Extended Licenses

By on May 2, 2016 in Announcements
Power Up Your Purchases With Our New Standard and Extended Licenses

Our new Standard and Extended Licenses are here!

The larger our community becomes, the more diversity we see in the needs of that community regarding how assets are used. So today, we're very excited to announce that we're retiring the SimpleLicense and launching two new licenses: the Standard License and the Extended License. Read on to learn more and be sure to visit our License FAQ for the full details (all previous purchases will remain under the SimpleLicense).

Update: Read our follow up post, Our Plan to Fix Licenses

Standard vs. Extended

Every time an item is purchased on Creative Market, the buyer will have the option to either go with the default Standard License or upgrade to the Extended License.

We wanted to make differentiating between these two licenses super easy, so we kept the logic extremely basic. This chart gives you the gist:


If You Want To Sell It, Go Extended

As you can see, the two licenses are very similar with one key difference: as the buyer, if you intend to sell something that uses the item you purchased, you’ll need the Extended License. If not, then you’re good to go with the Standard License. For example, if you want to buy an icon pack to use on your personal website, you can purchase the standard license. However, if you want to buy that same icon set and use it to design some t-shirts to sell in your online shop, you’ll need the Extended License.

Note that this is just a quick summary, please read our License FAQ for more detailed information.

Previous Purchases Remain Under Their Original License

All of the purchases you made prior to this announcement will still fall under their original license. You can visit this link to see all your previous purchases and their corresponding licenses.

What About My Shop?

If you’re a Creative Market shop owner, you don’t have to take any steps to make sure that your items are available for extended rights purchases, but feel free to customize the prices for the Extended License versions of all your items.

Go Make Awesome Stuff!

We hope our new Extended License gives you both the confidence and permissions that you need to tackle the most awesome of projects. Once again, if you have any questions, be sure to visit our license FAQ for the full details.

Post Update: On Pricing and Affordability

We really appreciate the honest feedback everyone is providing. One thing to keep in mind is that we’re passionate about giving our shop owners the freedom to price all their products in a way that they feel is fair and competitive. What we’ve done here is given these shops an added tool to carry that out. How they price their Extended License items is up to them (many are continuing to update their prices even now). Ultimately, we’re confident that shops will price both their Standard and Extended License in a way that gives them what they deserve for their hard work and is enticing to potential buyers.

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  1. joel.emmett

    And so it begins. The call of iStock-like endless nitpicky price raises (portrayed as "helps" that "you asked for") which eventually lures -- and ruins -- everyone. Eventually, everyone seems to decide that they don't want to be popular anymore, just rich, ending up (AFAIK) neither.

  2. creative-iiw

    Yeah, that is unfortunate. I have no problem with standard and extended licenses, which almost every stock site has. But not being able to use a standard license in a product for sale is really sad. (In contrast with most stock sites, where you cannot use the images in, say, products for sale where the image is the *principle* element: T-shirts, calendars, etc. That would be reasonable. But needing an extended license to use a texture on the back of book, that's kind of ridiculous.) And the limit of one license to one project is also very troubling. That means all of the cool stuff we download from Creative Market we have to track where it has been used. Basically, use once and delete it. And you have to *remember* to do that. Big pain. This greatly reduces my interest in Creative Market for anything other than fonts.

  3. annie.carrier-gagnon

    It's very disappointing. Your site was so much better and respected without that... I fully understand for stock images and photos, but for graphic material that can be used in soooo many different directions is silly. I think you will lose a lot of clients with this move. That was what set you apart, now, just one of the same. Very disappointed.

  4. Melville

    Thanks for replying. Launching an Extended License was truly based on lots of feedback from shop owners and buyers since Creative Market started. It's been one of the most asked for site features for well over a year. That being said, we're taking all feedback into account and will discuss it internally to see if future changes are needed.

    You can also catch up on the current main discussion here if you want: https://creativemarket.com/discussions/19042-New-licenses-are-here!-Post-all-your-questions-here-please-)

  5. rknapp

    I think this sucks. I will be sure to purchase LESS if I purchase anything at all from you in the future. Do you really think anyone really purchases these products for personal use? I buy them for ebooks, NOT products like t shirts mugs etc. We make much less money on ebooks. Looks like I will be shopping other sites. I hate having to purchase extra money for a purchase because I want to use it as an ebook. I used to love this place not now.

  6. BRNZ

    So how do you differentiate between a font (installable) and a texture (one off usage) as having to purchase the extended licence every time you use it? That's an arbitrary decision which instants limits the options can afford to purchase and use and MAKES NO SENSE. Are you going to apply this against historical purchases? I have always purchased extended licence if required, now I really feel that it's simply not worth it. A lot of the stuff I buy is available through other channels, it's been convenient to come here to oneplacefor it,but not any more. Way to totally shoot yourselves in the foot there!

  7. mstolpm

    Sorry, but this will make me stop considering this site as a ressource. Extended Licenses are okay for commercial work where the item is the main element, but crippling the Standard License in a way nobody can use the elements in a product for sale is not. I'm not going to pay a 10x fee just for using a small design element in a book cover or as a decorative item in an online course.

  8. jan.mcdaniel

    As a buyer, I'm happy to see an extended license being offered. I was always contacting the seller to see if I could use their product if I purchased a license from them and then the price some sellers wanted was enough to keep me from buying which cost them a sale.

  9. lhanks

    I can no longer afford your site. Very sad to see. Just did a quick check on a set of brushes.... extended license, for what... a one time use? $60. So do I spend another $60 each time I use these brushes/fonts/textures? In a months time I could run up a ridiculous bill that wouldn't even be touched by the amount I sell. Don't worry, I will help spread the word to the designers that I know. I am sure they will be just as pleased as I am.

  10. timothyc

    This is awesome. It is disheartening to read the negative comments above. These new licenses values the creative industry as a whole...hours and energy the creatives puts into their creation. Furthermore, have a more specific Simple & Extended license means it is really straight forward. I spent a lot of time trying to understand the extended licence of different owners as each has a slight variation in their extended features. I really appreciate this new step.

  11. hunter.hammersen

    This is a tremendously steep price increase to make with no warning. The site used to be a great resource for my small business, but now it is no longer affordable.

    I've written to ask for a refund of my purchased store credit, as everything on your site is now out of my budget.

    I'm going to miss the wonderful things I've found here.

  12. boogs

    This won't work for me. I used to love this site but now this has made it distant to the artist community. So sad.

  13. shydeer

    Earlier this year, I emailed the creator of some graphics, and whether I can use their images integrated in my design on printed products I sell online using a Simple License, and this is the message I received:

    "That use is absolutely fine as long as any product using our images isn't reproduced, sold or distributed MORE than 5,000 times."

    So now this has changed? I would need to purchase and Extended License if I sell even ONE item with a graphic purchased from Creative Market integrated in the design? And I can't use the image in more than one product??

    A $7.00 graphic is now $70.00? I won't be using this service anymore...I simply can't afford it. As Stacy H says, "a lot of the things are available through other channels, and it's been convenient to some here to one place for it, but not anymore!"

  14. evalicious

    @pixelcolours it may have been the way you interpreted the simple license term. A lot of sellers do allow use of their work in a sellable product. And from how I interpreted it - one can incorporate the CM graphics along with your own to create something different and then sell it. I guess I won't be using this site anymore. Who can afford those extended license rates?? I used this site bc it was supporting artists while saving me some design time. Think I'll save my money to pay myself and design my own stuff instead. Except for fonts which I can get at myfonts.com and use for sellable products. Goodbye Creative Market!

  15. MyClipArtStore

    You need to let the sellers add their own pricing or percentage. The way it is now makes NO SENSE whatsoever. Please do some research and see how other marketplaces are implementing licensing. There should be a way for us to set our own prices or there should be a standard price for each catagory, such as fonts, photography, Illustrations, mockups etc

  16. deborah.j.owen

    My issue with this is I run a pretty small design shop on Etsy (for posters and invitations) and I have rarely made over $200 from even a popular item. So buying a license for a font will almost definitely cost me all my profits and then some. If there could be different levels to the extended license, so those who only profit $50 don't have to pay $200 just for one license, I'd be much happier to keep shopping on Creative Market.

  17. Melville

    Just wanted to catch up here. So to be as clear as we can, the Simple and Standard License are the same. In essence, we simply added the Extended License to offer shop owners more flexibility and buyers more options. I hope this helps and thanks for all the feedback.

  18. pixelcolours

    @Eve Johnson I didn't. Read above what Ken said. Is what CM stated. It has being an issue and that's the reason they released new licenses. You are welcome to read about it on forums :)

  19. jeni.storey

    I don't understand. Reading the SimpleLicense, I was under the impression that I could use the fonts I bought to make word art that I then cut in vinyl or paper and put in a frame...and sell it. Am I right in understanding, that from now on if I want to make a single piece of word art I would need to pay $160 for each font to sell the frame on. And then I would have to pay $160 again to use that same font in a different piece of word art??

  20. LaPapierre

    That's very sad news for a lot of people like me who have small businesses and don't make a lot of money on things we sell, like Deborah just mentioned. Why would I be paying $100 for something that might make a $50 profit?! It means I won't be buying anything here anymore, since I can purchase illustrations on Etsy that allow small business use for 10 times LESS. I feel like small businesses weren't taken into account when this decision was made. *sniff*

  21. pjwuebker

    I can't tell you how much this sucks. Both as a buyer and associate. Now you can be just like all the others providers I do not use or promote. Ever hear of competitive advantage? You have none now. Fools.

  22. lava_r

    @Niji it looks like you can use fonts in an unlimited number of projects so you'll only have to pay the $160 once. This is because fonts are an "installable" item. That's my understanding.

    Also, I much preferred it when shop owners sold their own extended licenses because they were much more affordable and I was able to test out whether an item was going to sell before I purchased the extended license. Now I have to purchase the extended license before knowing if I'm going to make any money or not. So sad. The main reason I came here was for fonts, but I have found many of the fonts already available by other channels that give me the same usage as the extended license & don't cost so much. I understand why this needs to be done. I appreciate the effort designers go through to make these items available, but I just can't afford to buy them anymore! Small businesses will suffer greatly now.


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