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Quiz: Which City's Design Fits Your Creative Personality?

Creative Market April 10, 2024 · 3 min read

Which city’s design fits your personality?

Is your creativity at its peak in the city of tomorrow or are you more at home in the traditional confines of the old world? Take this quiz and find out!


Your personality is perfectly at home in the design of Singapore! Perfectly planned, immaculately clean, and with a forward thinking attitude attuned to innovation, Singapore’s design matches your own creative spirit. Even if others might accuse you for being a stickler for order, it’s only because you demand the best out of all your projects! In the end, you’re new and fresh, and continually push the limits of what’s possible.


With one foot in the past and one foot in the present, your personality matches the seamless, time spanning design of Amsterdam. The city’s flawless blend of old and new architecture guarantees an aesthetically pleasing experience for just about any visitor. Cutting through the city, the canal system adds a fluidity and flow that’s symbolic of your creative spirit: never tied down, never stuck in one place, always aware of the past while being conscious of the future.


Your personality is most like the alluring design of the “City of Love”! Once in a rut, Paris underwent an almost total reconstruction, reinventing itself as the romantic capital we know today. Similar to your creative spirit, a full overhaul was needed to rejuvenate the spirit of design. Like Paris, your potential was always there – it just needed a big push!

San Francisco

The unique and distinct design of San Francisco best fits your personality! Like the famed “Pink Ladies”, you’re one of a kind. Your creativity knows no bounds and spans many disciplines, stretching far like the Golden Gate Bridge. Just like this iconic city, you’re colorful, vibrant and always pushing the the limits of what’s possible.


Your personality is most at home in Dubai! Just like this sprawling Middle Eastern oasis, you are the embodiment of “if you can dream it, you can do it.” The sky is never enough for you and bigger is always better! You’re an innovator and visionary propelling us all towards the possibilities of tomorrow.

What’s your preferred way to get around?






Pick a rainy day activity:




Read at home

How important are cultural institutions to you?

Very important

Somewhat important

Not very important

I don’t care about cultural institutions

Which word best describes your approach to design?



A mix of old and new


Pick a landmark:






How do you feel about large crowds?

I hate them

I love them

I don’t really care

And finally, pick an architect:

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Gehry

Zaha Hadid

Le Corbusier

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