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Quiz: Which Creative Field Should You Actually Pursue?

Creative Market March 31, 2021 · 4 min read

Which Creative Field Should You Actually Pursue?

There are countless ways in which to channel your creative spirit. Take this quiz and find out which direction is perfect for you!

You should pursue Architecture!

Just like many of today’s most successful architects, you’re an excellent communicator who’s able to get your point across easily. You have a wonderful penchant for listening to and understanding a problem, which leads to easily communicating a solution, whether it be through verbal, written or visual communication. You’re confident and always give off the appearance of knowing what you’re doing… even when you don’t. You’ve got a knack for delivering what people want despite having to fight your own desires. What are you waiting for? Go survey that idyllic piece of land and get building!

You should pursue Design!

Whether it be graphic, fashion or product, we think you’d make a wonderful designer! One of the most important traits you share with some of the most successful designers is
empathy; you have an innate ability to understand people. Another impressive trait you share is a meticulous eye for detail. You’re perceptive and patient, and we wouldn’t be surprised if in the past you’d been told you’ve got the mind of a scientist. It’s because you’re the kind of person that studies a problem and approaches it methodically. After all, design is a business and all successful business ventures require research and planning before implementation. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You should pursue Film!

It’s a not so much a job, it’s a lifestyle. But this is old news to you because this mentality is already how you approach your passions. Your willingness to throw 110% of yourself behind realizing your dreams makes you perfect for the field of film. Just make sure you don’t forget about your personal life. It may take a wizard to achieve a perfect life-work balance, if anyone’s got a wand handy, we it’s you. You already have the magical ability to leave people feeling better than when they met you. We can’t wait to see your work up on the big screen!

You should pursue Publishing!

Like many of the greats of the publishing world, you’re a visionary with a remarkable ability to connect the dots. You are eloquent and can express your ideas fairly easily but you’re also hesitant to blurt out an opinion until you’ve carefully thought it over. You feel comfortable chronically your thoughts, whether it be in a journal, diary or simple notebook. You’re the kind of person who doesn’t just consume things like books and movies, you absorb them! You also display an admirable willingness to spend an exhaustive amount of time reworking things until they’re absolutely perfect. We’re sure the final result will be stunning!

You should pursue the Performing Arts!

Whether it be on the stage, behind a microphone, or creating stunning visual arts, you’re the perfect type to pursue the performing arts! You’re an exceptionally hard worker who doesn’t get involved with something unless you absolutely love it and while financial gain is always welcome, it’s not what drives you to achieve your goals. You follow passions stronger than most and your tenacity ensures that you’ll never give up. Whatever it is that decide to create, we can’t wait to go out and see or hear it!

Are you a team player or a lone wolf?

Team player

Lone wolf

Which of the following traits would you say is most important?






Pick a decoration for your office wall:






Do you agree with the phrase “it’s better done than perfect”?



It depends on the situation

Which of the following was your favorite subject in school?





Physical Ed.

Your learning style is:




Kinesthetic (doing)

How do you feel about confrontation?

I avoid it at all costs!

I can’t get enough of it!

It depends on what the confrontation is over

And finally, pick a creative legend:

Frank Lloyd Wright

Coco Chanel

Stanley Kubrick

Virginia Woolf

Mikhail Baryshnikov

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