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Sherwin Williams Declares 2017's Hottest Paint Colors For Your Home

Kevin Whipps March 31, 2021 · 2 min read

Founded 150 years ago, it’s no doubt that Sherwin William’s is quite the authority on paint color. For 2017, the Fortune 500 company has named some of the hottest color combinations, all relating back to one underlying theme: restlessness.
If you check out the 2017 Colormix guide, you’ll see that they broke down the concepts into four different color palettes, based on mood. Noir, Holisitic, Intrepid and Unbounded: each one has its own grouping of colors that are matched to the corresponding Sherwin-Williams paint code. Let’s break these things down a bit, shall we?


Taking its inspiration from the Dutch masters, this palette is built to provide a refuge from the outside world; Sherwin-Williams puts it as a place to, “turn our gaze inward and recharge the spirit”.


With the holistic set, Sherwin-Williams aims to create a space that has healing properties. The lighter, earthier tones work toward a mood that does just that.


The Intrepid set is bold, bright and bewitching. With fiery tones, it’s the perfect palette for the vibrant, progressive type.


Sherwin-Williams describes the Unbounded set as having a very global look: “Global consciousness is a mural painted in earthy mustards, ocean blues, corals and mud”.

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