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17 T-Shirt Design Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Creative Market January 31, 2022 · 6 min read

It’s important to stay on top of the most recent T-shirt design trends. Whether you’re launching a new custom T-shirt company or looking for ways to expand your current print-on-demand operation, you need to think innovatively to be successful.

Since the 1960s, T-shirt design has evolved into a platform for self-expression. This means you can now express your opinions, showcase your favorite band or tell the world about your recent adventures simply by wearing a custom T-shirt. 

Until today, we can see youngsters wearing their favorite artists, football fans wearing their favored team, and activists standing for their rights using shirts. And almost every decade, we see new T-shirt trends. 

So if you plan on starting a T-shirt designing and printing business, you must have the wits and creativity to attract customers. Provide them the design they are looking for and offer unique designs, and without a doubt, your business will bring you high sales figures. 

Discover The Best T-Shirt Design Ideas!

It is essential to evaluate the current trends that are selling well and growing in popularity each year to create amazing T-shirt designs. Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is no simple chore though, especially when they change so often! 

Therefore, it is essential to keep up with T-shirt design trends and developments to remain competitive in the fashion market and enjoy more success in your T-shirt company.

We compiled these best Tshirt design ideas available on our website to get you started! Check them out.

Graphic T-Shirt Design Ideas

Printed T-shirts with abstract artwork and designs have enjoyed a thriving niche market for quite some time. T-shirts with conceptual artwork and Renaissance art are the most popular designs. In most cases, these patterns draw people’s attention. Nowadays, provide abstract paintings, text, and logos on many portions of the t-shirt, such as the sleeves, pockets, and collar (to name a few examples). 

So if you go this route, take a peek at the graphic custom T-shirts we have below. 

While details are king, always keep things simple with your graphic design. Most customers appreciate excellent drawing ability, not to mention attention to detail. And to get the most effective design, you’ll need to consider the taste of your customers. Do they prefer urban-like street sketches over heavily detailed designs? 

Meanwhile, you can tap into your creativity and explore a simple, casual graphic design like the example below. 

Even typography goes well with graphic T-shirts. If you choose to incorporate letters into your graphic tee design, make sure the message doesn’t get lost. To elaborate on what we meant, typography is comprised of a variety of font sizes, styles, colors and looks, all of which are intended to evoke distinct emotions and communicate specific meanings.

Here are a few graphic T-shirt mock-ups with good typography usage. 

Vintage T-Shirt Design Ideas

Vintage prints are still a thing these days; these prints are simply something that never grows old. However, getting a good feel of the vintage or retro style starts with design elements from the ’80s or earlier to fit the category. As for color choices, there were lots of blues, oranges, yellows and blacks in varying shades. Check out this vintage tee design below. 

While your choice of color helps create a vintage look, you may also want to stick with the traditional font styles that would really look great as an old-school theme. 

Notice in the photo above that the fonts’ color is not as vibrant as you’d normally see with other graphic shirts. As for the lettering, these designs use an old typeface (Garamond, Palatino and Times New Roman), giving the best impression of the past. 

Vintage tees also go best for rock band merch or T-shirts. As you can see, for most vintage designs, the design uses a “distressed” layout (worn-in or rough look). And to make it more classic, some have designs on the back of the tee, such as the artist’s track. 

Custom T-Shirt Design Ideas

Before you create a shirt, think about why you are making it. For example, if your goal is to promote, then you’ll need to design an eye-catching and unique print for the shirt. This will allow anybody who sees the shirt, to remember the product.

Here’s a unique custom shirt template that you can use for ideas and inspiration. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to let graphics do the talking, they are an excellent way to make your design stand out in a crowd. To start, choose a simple graphic print, an understated cool as if the graphic speaks for itself. Plus, don’t forget to give your design a more fun and playful feel, as shown in the T-shirt examples below. 

We even have cute custom T-shirt mock-ups for babies to wear!

Sport T-Shirt Design Ideas

 Not only are athletic shirts useful for sports purposes, but they can also be useful for fashion. Plus, they are designed for all age groups and genders. For example, you want to design a sportswear T-shirt to let everyone know how crazy you are about football league championships. 

Also, another way to show off your pride in a sport — let’s say, baseball — is to follow the jersey’s pattern and design. You may want to make yourself a part of a team, even if you’re not, by customizing one your own, just like this baseball T-shirt mock-up below. 

Those who want to design shirts for charity walks, marathons and the like can also take ideas and use templates from Creative Market! 

We also did not forget about gym buffs who want to style their way through the gym! Because even if you’re sweating from all the lifting and running, you can still look good with a custom gym T-shirt. Here are some ideas and T-shirt templates we have compiled for you to edit. 

Let’s Wrap It Up: Save Money and Design Your Own T-shirt

 There we have it, eye-catching and unique T-shirt designs that can help you stick to a budget. You don’t have to spend bucks and pay T-shirt designers because you can create your own design today! Not only do you get to save money, talk about all the hours of work you spared yourself from! 

Where To Get the Most Creative Shirt Designs

All the T-shirts design ideas and creative inspiration you are looking for are here, in Creative Market! You can find and use all the T-shirt templates and mock-ups here and edit them to your taste. Start by choosing the best template that suits your design niche, download the files, and you’re good to go.

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