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The Creative Market Bundle: $850 worth of goods for $39

Liam McKay March 22, 2024 · 4 min read

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Dealotto to bring you a massive bundle that features over 70 items, from 10 of our talented shop owners, in one amazing bundle! For just $39 or less, you’ll bag yourself 2770 Icons, 1 Photoshop Plugin, 8 Fonts, 11 WordPress Themes, 1 Tumblr Theme, 162 Brushes, 488 Photoshop Actions, 5 UI Kits, 70 Textures, 100+ Vectors and more. Yes, you read that correctly.

Hurry, 10 days only!

The Creative Market Bundle

($850 $39) will have a limited run of just 10 days, so make sure you take your chance and grab it while you can, any time before 8th of June. Here’s an image that shows nearly all of the items included in this massive bundle:

Buy Now for $850 $39

10 Amazing Shop Owners

Every single item featured in the bundle comes from a well loved shop owner on Creative Market. To show your appreciation, why not go through this collection we’ve put together and give your favourite items a like, leave some valuable feedback on their item – or give the seller a follow.



has contributed Flatties, a set of 100 royalty free, flat icons and the amazing Pixel Dropr Photoshop Plugin that allows you to create your own collections (refills) of pixel elements and instantly deploy them within any Photoshop document. Also included is a set of 60 premium Icon refills to use with Pixel Dropr.

Kyle Wayne Benson

Kyle Wayne Benson

has a fantastic collection of fonts in his shop. Starting today, you can get every single font he sells as part of the bundle. That’s Clayton, Farmer’s Co-op, Tides-In, Red Bunny and Millie all included in this special offering. Lucky you!

Lil Squid

Lil Squid

is a two person team with an amazing style and eye for detail. Together they sell some beautiful vector goods — everything from the best UI Kit I’ve ever seen, to useful Silhouettes Icon & Font or Vector faces. Not to mention their awesome backgrounds and buildings!

Tom Anders


has a whole host of beautiful Photoshop Actions in his shop. This deal includes an exclusive mega bundle of 188 Photoshop Actions that allow you to dramatically improve the look of your photos in a split second, with just one click.

Sean Wes


is an incredibly creative individual. When he’s not creating breathtaking hand-lettering, he’s busy creating fonts and textures for his CreativeMarket shop. Included in the bundle are two beautiful fonts, and a set of Hi-Res Subtle Grunge Vector Textures.


506hSparkle Stock

are very popular with the CreativeMarket audience. Their items are frequently found in the Top Selling Goods section, which is why it felt right including their Entire Shop in our bundle today. 300 Actions + 112 Brushes.

has contributed their entire shop to this exclusive bundle. That means you get 2367 Icons and 4 useful UI Kits. All in all, that’s 13 different products that make up part of the CreativeMarket Bundle. See the full list of contents from this seller alone!

Viktor Hanacek

881hViktor Hanacek

has a lot of different items. We have 3 WordPress Themes, 1 Tumblr Theme, 3 PSD Templates, 16 Backgrounds, and even some Business Card Mockups. The quality & attention to detail on these themes is incredible! Worth $39 alone!



has contributed their full collection of 7 WordPress Themes from their Shop. That’s over $260 worth of themes for less than the price of one. To try out the themes and see the quality for yourself, play with the themes via their shop.

Liam McKay


I thought it was only fair I included my own goods in the bundle. I’ve added my 50 Subtle Grunge Brushes, 50 Seamless Grunge Patterns, the IconJar Icon set and the most recent release Brisk Responsive WordPress Theme that Spencer and myself released.

Dealotto Explained

The Bundle is hosted over at Dealotto — a daily deals site for designers and developers, where the price you pay depends on how lucky you are. With our bundle, for example, there are hundreds of further discounts that can be won at random, including 50 free bundles. All you need to do is click “buy” and Dealotto randomly assigns you one of the available prices. It’s a fun way of buying and saving. Nobody pays more than $39, but you could pay even less. Play along today and see what you save. It’s free to sign up & payments are made securely via PayPal.

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